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I am sorry for the lack of pictures or avatars... some time soon I will sit down and figure it all out...I am a little technologically challenged in the download photo dept.
I have a couple of questions, and this thread seemed like an approptiate place for them. My situation is this: I have 10 cats. I love them all like my own children but they are the biggest obstacle to me living my dream. I want to move from Jacksonville, FL to San Diego to be near my grandchildren - especially now while they are young and my daughter could use my help.
So, my first question is what is the average cost to fly a cat? Is it by animal, weight, or carrier? Are some airlines less than others? Is there another more feasible way to transport them? I've considered driving them, but wow, that's minimum 3 days on the road and I would have to keep them contained all day every day, and then there's the hotel situation...
The second dilema is finding a home to rent that will allow me to have 10 cats. The deposits will be so high that this dream is seeming more and more impossible every day. Any suggestions or ideas will be welcome. And getting rid of any of them is out of the question (which is what most of my friends and family are suggesting )