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Todays New from Sis

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Well as of right now they are not going to have to put Hanna to sleep, but they decided that she is hypoglycemic. So they cut her insulin in half and the vet suggested that she makes dog food for her. Thank you for the vibes! Erin is still really upset, but at least now she knows what to do.

That being said does anyone know any recipes for dog food that I could send her?
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I've just PMed you a couple.
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for you can find what you looking for...
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Oh I'm so glad things are looking so much better!

that all works out well.

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Great news..what a relief!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Great news..what a relief!

good news indeed. I hope you can find some recipes
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Good luck with the recipies. More vibes coming from NZ
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Thank you for the recipes that were sent. I e-mailed them on to my sister and she is also grateful. I haven't talk to her much this weekend, but when I talk to her tomorrow I will she what she tired out.

The vet thinks that Hanna will make the connection that when she does not feel good she needs to eat. So she is going to leave kibble out to free feed between meals. The real challenge is keeping Oscar (their other pup) from eating all the food that is left out
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