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Cat scared of everything

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I have an older outdoor male cat that has been very happy and healthy his whole life. We even have a dog that chases him playfully sometimes with no problems. Yesterday he was chased by an aggressive dog that got some of his tail fur.
This dog was only here temporarily(and won't be invited back). Now my cat will not come out from under our deck. I did coax him out for some food but he has fear in his eyes and was even scared away back under the deck by a bug. It has only been a day since this happened. I was wondering if I should give him some time or what.
Any suggestions on this situation are appreciated.
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I think just give him some time. Any time something traumatic happens to a kitty, it usually takes them a little while to recover.

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Poor thing. Have you been able to look to make absolute sure he is not injured? After that I would give him time, yes. Spend time outside with him while he calms down. Talk to him very calmly and gently. Treats are good. Make sure he has water especially that is in a safe place so he feels like he can drink it. You don't want him to get dehydrated which can happen suprisingly fast and bring his favorite toys to him and anything else that has his calming scent on. He may be disoriented from the experiance as well. So time and TLC.
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I didn't think about him getting dehydrated. I haven't been able to get him to come out from under the deck since this morning. Its a really low deck so I can't even see him. Maybe I will try putting a water dish in the bushes close to the spot that he goes under.
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All good ideas. He needs time. Is sounds like it would be exremly hard to check if his tail was injured without traumatizing him more, but that may become necessary to check him out.
I agree with sitting outside with him near the deck, you can lean against it and just sit and read, be on your laptop, meditate, that is certainly a clam thing, just sitting being calm. Treats as mentioned are always good, whatever his favorite one is, put that near you, but not too close, and his favorite toys. Even if he does not come out he will see his favorite things, and people, are still there and not the scary dog. About your dog that likes him and he likes back , I would for sure keep the dog away for now. Too much too soon, especially if the poor guy was scared by even a bug. (that is just so sweet but so sad) All his defensive mechanisims are in overdrive, it will take that time to clam down.
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