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Daily Thread TGIF June 12th!

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Welp, I am off work today and so is Josh. He is graduating from university this morning! After that we will probably gor for lunch with his family. I think we might work out at the gym afterward.

Tomorrow we are going for a couples massage at a spa here in Ottawa. Josh's mom got it for us for the bridal shower.

Saturday we are meeting with our musicians for the ceremony and then Sunday we are meeting with the minister and I am having a makeup trial!

15 days to go!

Have a good day peeps!
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I'm at work for a full day this morning. With my class schedule this Summer (2 classes - 4 days a week), I haven't been able to do that much lately. One of the good things about being a grad assistant is that they're pretty understanding about it, which is great because Summer classes tend to be pretty intense since they go by in about half the time of a regular Spring/Fall one. Unfortunately, most of my day at work will be spent installing new software on my new(er) computer. My old one died last week, so I have to install all of my application software again.

After work, I'll head by the gym for an hour or so and then head home around 6. I have a homework due Sunday for one class and a take home test in the other, so I'll be working on homework tonight. Hopefully I'll get done, or at least get enough done to be confident I can finish everything on time and then have a bit of time to relax and read a book for a bit tonight.
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Morning folks...

Thank goodness the week is almost over...it's gotta get better today doesn't it? I hope so.

Nothing much planned here, I have a massage therapy appt at 1, that's bout it.

spoke too soon. Let's hope that the day improves.
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Originally Posted by Snake_Lady View Post
spoke too soon. Let's hope that the day improves.
Hopefully it's just a blip and you'll have a good day.

Nothing special here today. Off to work in a few minutes. We have two major events this weekend so I have to get everyone prepped for that.

DH has decided that we're going on a date tonight. That should be fun although I've warned him about my minigolf abilities so is disavow all responsibility on that front.

Have a good day everyone.
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Morning All!!!

Well the weather is nice here today for a change, sunny and warm.

Heading off to work in a bit have to work from 11-3 so that's not to bad. After that have a few errands to run and bills to pay.

Nothing special planned for this evening just he usual Hodge-podge of playing with the kitties, the computer and TV. God I lead such a glamorous life..

The kitties are happy with the windows being open and are survey the neighborhood right now.

Everyone have a great day
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Good Morning-almost afternoon. DS has been wiggling out of his swaddle at night so that means he isn't sleeping through the night. He gave me a wonderful surprise at 5am and after that he went to bed with me until 9:30. It felt so good to sleep in and cuddle.

Vacuum and dishes are already done Just have a few loads of laundry then it's the weekend
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