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Feral proof toys?

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Any ideas? I usually buy regular cats toys but I've noticed the ferals can rip them to shreds in a short time.
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Perhaps those plastic ball toys instead of fabric ones?
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I think maybe a dog toy would withstand your out door kinda cats.
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Never thought about giving them dog toys. Thank you for the idea! I usually give them the plastic dingle (bell) balls, a stuffed mouse or 2, I've caught a few grown-ups playing with sticks and leaves and each other.
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If you get cloth toys, make sure that they are made thicker than most you buy in the store. My (feral) Lucky loves the Catnip Bananas and Cigars which are both made from a sturdier cloth. And I'm not pushing these (just giving you an idea), but the Catnip Buddies from my site hold up well because they are made from a thick fleece. Honestly the plastic toys don't interest him at all.
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I think some thick socks tied in a loop might work. Also, try small toy dog-sized ball. Buy some dried catnip and sprinkle it on the ground. It's short term, but maybe the cats will enjoy it.
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