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My cats get high from certain smells -- OK or not?

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When I clean my firearms in the basement, the cats follow me there and watch me with amazement. I use this stuff called CLP (stands for Clean Lubricate Protect) to do the cleaning, which is relatively safe as far as firearms cleaning products go. They just love the smell of it and sniff like crazy all around what I'm doing, often holding mouth open after a good whiff.

Then, they start acting funny... rolling around back and forth on the floor, followed by zooming around the house at high speed, and getting rather aggressive with each other. Its like they are "high" or something. For an hour or so after I am done and have everything put away, the strange behavior continues until they calm down.

Is this good or bad? It is kind of funny to watch, but I love my little babies and want to make sure I'm not having any bad effects on them. Its not as if I'm using a nasty cleaner like Hoppe's #9... I would never let them near that (it smells nasty and is quite toxic). CLP actually smells pretty good, although I don't obtain the same effects from it as the cats do.
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Catnip works quite similiarly on cats. So do also some other, like Valeriana, coffe. Often also human sweat.
Not dangerous none of them.

So this is probably similiar mechanism, and probably not dangerous.
But it seems quite excessive - they are on a whole hour afterwards?

It is much longer duration then with catnip.

So my advice is you avoid to have them around this cleaning.
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Have to say, I think you already know the answer.......NO
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Awwww but they so much enjoy watching me. They follow me like little cat-shaped shadows and watch anything and everything I do. I guess I can lock them in another room just in case.

The one other thing that made them act strange was this trail map I brought back from the map holder box at the head of a hiking trail. I had set the map on the stairs to bring up with me next time I went up. A little later, I found them rubbing the backs of their heads and rolling on the map, very vigorously (much more so than they'd do with catnip). They actually started growling at each other over the map, each one wanting full control over it (this was abnormal behavior for them). This caused them to do the "tearing through the house at high speed" thing for quite some time, keep going back to the map for more, acting high. I had to take the map away because they were getting so angry at each other about it. I never saw anything like it with them.

Months later, I picked up a second map from the trail to see if it had the same effect, and only the first map produced this effect with them. I guess I'll never know what was special about it. We joked that maybe someone tainted the first map with "cat crack" (whatever that is).
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