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Marlow update

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It's been over a month now since Marlow showed up at our house. He got TNR'd on 5/19. He seems to be around more now than he used to be.

The latest developements are he racks out on the deck closer to door now. He still won't let me get too close. I don't push it at all. The best part is we have been having meaningful conversations. (to me at least) He will talk your ear off. About food I think.

I hope he eases up on me sooner than later. I worry mostly about not being able to protect him from pests (mites, fleas,etc). He got Advantage when he got neutered so he's okay for now.
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One of the advantages of having kitties speutered is that they then wander less! He sounds like a very happy boy.

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I'm reasonably sure he's content with the current arrangement.

I have been using the "slow blink" when looking at him. I believe it helps and glad I read about it here last week. But I notice that he rarely blinks back. He is still a very cautious fellow.
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