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cat eating grass ok?

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My kitten was born in the wild, and then I took her in at about 3 months age.
She's been indoors till about 10 months, now sometimes I let her go outside in
my backyard.

Everytime she goes back there, she starts munching down grass like she hasn't
eaten in weeks.

I assume it can't do her much harm, but can I somehow get her to stop?
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Some cats like grass.

I think they use it as a digestive aid sort of like pepto. As we used to have a cat who was a cheese fiend. After we would give her samples she would often go out and munch some grass to deal with the rich cheese.

Only be concerned if you see her munching on poisonous houseplants or plants in your garden. You can find a list online by googling 'cats poisonous plants'.

If you are concerned, you can actually buy 'cat grass' at your pet store that contains a safe mixture of grass type that your kitty can munch away on, either full grown or you can by the seed and grow your own. My cats have all loved this.
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In the wild, when cats ingest mice, voles, etc., they also ingest the half-digested vegetable matter in their guts. While cats are obligate carnivores, there are some necessary nutrients that can only come from vegetable sources. Also, as was said above, the fiber and chlorophyl in green plants help with the digestion. In short, unless the cat is going for a toxic plant, let her do her thing; her instincts are telling her what to do.
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