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Kittens not eating much

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The bottle babies I am feeding have stopped eating so much and I am wondering if that is normal? I was feeding them every 3-4 hrs and between the 2 they were taking a full bottle. They are now not as interested and just chew on the bottle(they have teeth now). I waited about 5 hrs thinking they would be really hungry and they still were not really interested. They are still fat little things and playing like normal. They are not crying or acting like they are hungry either.
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I hope you are taking weight on them every day?

Any changes in weight?
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They appear to be doing fine in the weight department although I haven't weighed them in a few days. They are between 3-4 weeks old. I will weigh them tonight to be sure.
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If they're still chubby and eating enough to have energy to play, I would think they'd be fine. IIRC that was about the age we started our orphan litter on some non-milk food, so maybe the change to something they can chew, now that they have teeth, would be interesting to them.
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Yep, they are just growing up They are bottle feeding less and starting to nibble on food. They are taking more liquids but going a lot longer in between feedings. They are starting to run all over and are cute as can be!
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Excellent news!

And the weight is going up, I presume?

To take weight and measure them this way is really the only sure way to know.
Even experienced breeders do it - it is very difficult to know by "eyesight" even for them.
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Yes, their weight is still climbing! They are both over 1 lb now.
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