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Originally Posted by Emy4cats View Post
Is there a Planned Parenthood near you? Or anything like that? Free clinic? Their might be a way you can get some affordable and more reliable birth control.
Yea that's what I was going to suggest. There are planned parenthood clinics and from there it's probably just as expensive as condoms and I think condoms are pretty expensive..I think a lot of other community health care clinics may have it at an even lower cost- I know some girls who get it free b/c their income is very low at those community health clinics and free pap smear although the place is probably not going to be very nice looking.
Here is a link where you can put in your zip code and it will tell you how far the clinic is...
You will love being on birth control it's soo nice not to worry like that! But then again it's up to you because a lot of those hormonal BC methods aren't 100% free of side effects or other adverse effects on your body.
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Well, here's my thinking. No birth control is 100% reliable. I don't know anyone personally who has gotten pregnant with a condom, but a few who have using the pill. It can happen with either one.
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People forget to take the pill. Condom vs. pill if both properly used the statistics are 98% vs. 99.9%..Lol to me that's a huge difference but I'm paranoid like that. 2% is a lot to me. Pills and all other shots and patches have mostly the same statistics- 99.9% effectiveness so when you eliminate having to remember to take it then it's pretty perfect IMO. When I hear 98 vs. 99.9 I'm thinking no big deal but when it comes to the chances of ME getting pregnant, it becomes a huge difference..but if you're happy with using condoms it's probably better for your health anyway.
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
You could always ask them or look for who looks under the weather a bit. But yes, they have found that women will do this, strangely. As for guys not noticing... see other posts.
We have a sub that works in our office occasionaly. She swears everytime she does, she gets her period. I told her don't look at me! Out of three women there, two have gone through menopause. Guess it's the fault of the one that hasn't, and she's only a year younger than me. Soon she'll have to start blaming the guys! They are the majority!
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