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Cat Walk

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I decided to harness train Riot, since she may go live with my parents at some point in the future for at least a little while, and I don't want her freaking out and running away. She hasn't been outside (except on my porch) since her rescue.
So I took some pictures of her first outing on leash, as well as some of her on my porch with my new plants.

sorry...i didn't mean for there to be so many.....
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Riot is such a gorgeous kitty!!! GREAT PICTURES! Thanks for sharing!
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WOW, very pretty little girl - patched tabby or torbie!
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Aw, Riot is totally gorgeous. Looks like she had fun.
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What a beautiful kitty. And I like her name.
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Precious! I love the one of her smiling the flower! It's so cute!
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She is beautiful!!!
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