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New-Englanders, Here I come! wanna meet?

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Yes, I am starting my last week before I fly to Boston for the summer.
LDG and I were talking about maybe getting together, the other day - some TCS folks from the area - or anyone who wants to join, really!
If you want, I can prepare some material and pictures of our Cat Shelter, so you can get to know me - and the cats...

What do you think? Anyone interested?
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I'm up for hosting something.......anyone want to come to Cape Cod??????????
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I do, I do!!!
I will be staying ina town about three hours away. I just have to figure how Im getting there and back...

wow, you live at the cape? I heard so many things about it... can you believe I spent the whole summer there, and couldn't go there, even once?...
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Aww, darn! I'd love to get together, but I think I'm too far south . . . lol! GA is definitely NOT New England! I have family in New England (RI), but I'm not visiting them til Thanksgiving or Christmas, I think.
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Nunny, I'll PM you my phone number so you can reach me once you're in the area.
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Daniela, that would be lovely!!!
anyone else wants to join in? Dali?
what about all the folks from around Philly? fancy a meeting at Cape?
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Hey nunny? Any chance of you making it to Oregon?

Have a great trip and have fun in camp!
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Thanks Hissy! I hope I will have fun there!!

I wish I could come and visit you! your shelter... ahhmmm... home sounds amazing!!!
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LOL It gets interesting! Before Anne found out she was pregnant she was going to come here this summer and stay with us awhile. They would have been in a motorhome and parked it on our property. That would have been something to finally meet her!

I know you will enjoy meeting Daniela- and I hope others will join in as well. Post pictures of the meeting here so we all can see what fun you had!
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Oh boy, your original plan with Anne sounds amazing!! (I thought you guys already met in person!!) I wish I could join in...

And I promise to post pictures! I can't wait... Meeting people from this forum has become such a nice thought! Im so intruiged. All of you sound amazing, and its so nice to have frineds like that, with a mutual interest. CATS!!!
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Nope we *meet* electronically every day- her day, my night. One of these days I plan on giving her a real-time hug! Have a safe trip Nunny!
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Nunny, I've had no internet connection all day.

I'm PMing you now.
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Too bad Nebraska's so far away! I'd love to meet all of you!
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got your PM, Daniela! thanks!
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Hey Dali, Got your info! thanks
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