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Sad new from my Sis

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My sister called me today in tears. He beloved pup Hanna was diagnosed with diabetes at the end of last year. Erin woke up in the middle of the night last night to Hanna having a stroke. She rushed her to the emergency vet. They are monitoring her for for a bit and the might have to be put to sleep. Please keep her in your thoughts today. She is very upset. They think Hanna will be 12 this year (she was a rescue so they don't know exact age). Thank you.
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Prayers for her to get better.
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Sending good vibes to Hanna and hope she will pull out of this and get to go home with more healthy years to come.
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I'm sending lots of calming vibes to your sister. And I have to say thank goodness your sister woke up and was able to immediately rush poor Hanna to an emergency vet.
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Oh I'm so sorry! Lots of to your sister, and lots of vibes for Hanna!

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Vibes of calm to all of you....
don´t give up!..
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Lots of vibes coming their way...Hope everything turns out okay.

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Lots of vibes for Hanna!
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Thank you. I have not talked to her tonight, but I will call her in the morning and see how things are.
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