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I need ideas for a present...

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My mom's 52nd birthday is next week, and I have no idea what to get her!

she work at a hotel, head of reservasions deprartment, and she's a sculpturist.

Any ideas?...
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Nuuny- what about a day and night away from her hotel to stay in another one that is swankier? (meaning more luxurious?) You and her stay in another hotel, and just spend the day doing girl stuff?

Make reservations at her favorite restaurant for her and ? And pick up the tab?

New tools for her sculpturing? Perhaps some clay? An art book?

I know.........A KITTEN!!!!!!!! I know just the place you can get one too!

BTW just got your power point presentation- I will be looking at it in just a sec and be in touch.
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THANKS, Hissy!

You have awesome ideas! only... thats what we did last year: My two sisters and I paid for a romantic vacation with a luxuraious breakfast upstate, which she absolutely love!!!!

My dad is taking her on a cruize to Cypres, by surprise. Maybe we can buy her a SPA-pass for it, or something... What do you think?

And regarding a cat... I just got her one a month ago - Peanut, Which is doing great, by the way!! (I used a few of your pointers!) His name is now "Ginger", we couldn't resist...

I think your sculpting ideas are good, I will look into that!!

And thanks for the PPT help, I reall appreciate that,. If you have any general comments or pointers regarding my translating methods, please, let me know! I would love to hear your opinion, as I reall wanna get better at it.
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Well my Hebrew is pretty rusty- LOL But I will see what I can do!

Sounds like you mom is lucky to have you for a daughter! If she is going on a cruise, maybe you could find where they are going to stop over the longest, and then research with your sister at that port of call and make reservations for her to do something she has never done before there? Like para-gliding? LOL Kidding, but just something I don't know if your country does hot air balloon rides or anything like that?
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I don't know if gift certificates exist in Israel or not. If they do, maybe you could give her a gift certificate for her favorite clothing store?


Maybe some new luggage to take along on the cruise? And by the way, the cruise sounds really nice!
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last year my dad was taking my mom on a trip so we got her a fancy digital camera to take pics with, we made sure we got one that is high tech but really REALLY easy to use (she's not much for technical stuff..) A few years ago we got her a regular camera too if she doesn't use the computer.. we are a picture taking family

This past bday me and my brother got my mom a set of lamps and some other things from Bombay, but that's because she made it clear that's what she wanted....

I find it so hard to buy gifts, just because I want the person to LOVE whatever I get them.. it's fun shopping tho
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What about some really nice clothes for the cruise? I've never been on one, but don't they have fancy dinners every night? Or, if she's picky about the clothes she gets (like soooo many women are, I know I am) what about a gift certificate for a really ritzy clothing store?
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Guys, thanks for the ideas... I will consult with my sisters. I will be sure to mention these are ideas from my friends at the Cat Site
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Maybe you could take her on a nice picnic, and then present her with a 'gift basket' full of lotions, soaps, perfumes, bath salts, and also perhaps you and your sister could work together to put a photo album together for her? It could be of you guys growing up to right now. Maybe put captions in it?

Dunno, I'm horrible with gifts!
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