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Bonnie is realizing Mommy and Daddy are more then just poop cleaners and food servers

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I have had Bonnie for about 8 or 9 months now. I love her but since she was a feral I always thought she would just be a resident cat that we took care of but never really bonded with. She never really wanted to be near us, didn’t like to be touched, and sometimes we would only see her for 5 min a day for weeks. However, she was EXTREAMLY affectionate with the other babies, especially my dog, Bruno.

About two weeks ago she was loving up on Bruno, but her Daddy was cuddling with Bruno at the time. My boyfriend started petting her after Bruno stopped licking her and I guess then she realized her parents are actually more then just poop cleaners. Since then we will see her at least 10 times a night, she is constantly kneading us, drooling on us, cuddling in our arms, rubbing all over us, for long periods of time too, sometimes she will fall asleep in our arms. She will get up and leave, and literally be back in 15min for another serious love session.

Its so odd, she went from a cat who didn’t even need to know we existed to a cat that absolutly can not get enough of us LOL its really just too cute.
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That is so sweet. She just needed a sample session before she figured it out.
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Awww..... I suspect that you can thank your dog, Bruno, for that! He taught her that Mom and Dad are ok... and that attention is a good thing.

And know that the lightbulb has gone off in Bonnie's head, well.... you're seeing the results!
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That is so nice! She feels safe and loved. It's an awesome thing for you to experiance I am sure. Bruno deserves extra treats for being such a fine ambassador!
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I am always amazed at how suddenly this transformation can take place. I've seen it a number of times.

I hope she doesn't get a scare and regresses again.

The fact that she is behaving this way may indicate that she didn't start out feral.
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Watch out - you may have created a monster! I know because I have one of those feral-turned-lovers at my house whose name is Ophelia. Although hers was a journey over about 7 years, not an overnight transformation, she just cannot get enough lovin' from her Daddy! Mommy's OK (sometimes) but Daddy should be there to give her scritches and snuggles 24-7.

It can definitely be one of those things where the saying "Be careful what you wish just may get it" may hold true. But it still makes my heart go pitter-pat when Ophelia approaches me for scritches. Enjoy Bonnie's new-found sense of trust, and don't be too surprised if she does take a step back at some point. Just know that she'll definitely come back now that she knows how good those scritches can be.

There's just nothing quite like earning the trust of a feral kitty.
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My Felix was the same way. Went from a hissing, fang showing scaredy cat to the biggest love bucket in the world in a matter of months. He's now our "Cuddler in Chief."

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She is just so cute! Still, every night she rolls all over us, kneading, drooling, and purring. Last night we watched a movie and she came up to us, loved us up, left, and 5 min later came back for the same, left, 5 min later back again. LOL it was too cute, in a 2 hour movie she much have come to see us at least 5-6 times LOL. She then finally fell asleep in my boyfriends lap.

Bonnie is a weird cat. I don’t know if she is feral or maybe has a brain disorder or something. She doesn’t have the same instincts as other cats. For example, she doesn’t rub up against anything, ever. All my other cats rub over our legs, and furniture. She is also fearless. As soon as we brought her home she was wandering around the house. She had two cats growling, hissing and pouncing at her and it was almost like she didn’t notice them. She also had a dog constantly trying to lick her butt and she didn’t have a care in the world… this was the first day we let her out (we had her locked in a room for a day).

She never gets scared. She is never nervous, stressed, she is just never anything. She’s almost like a robot. That’s why its so shocking she has become to loveable. I wonder what else is going to come out of her. As I said, because she is such a robot I figured she would just live with us, be loved, not care and that would be that. We will see =)
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Three of mine were rescued as feral kittens. Two have totaly bonded with me, the other is just starting to really trust me after six months. I have a semi feral who took 21 months to approach me, and still only accepts me on her terms.
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