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QOTD: Thurs. June 11

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Mornin folks...... I am wondering today:

Do you suffer from headaches/migraines, if so, how do you deal with them.... or are you one of those people whom are blessed with none ?
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Personally I get both headaches, and severe migraines

If its just a headache, I can take liquid advil and it well help dull it. If it doesn't, I have strong anti-inflammatories I can take.

Migraines: because I don't get them often, I chose not to be on a migraine medicine. Instead I take anti inflammatories + pain relief. If its a really bad one, I'm outta luck till it decides to ease up, no med helps. A quiet dark room and a cool wet cloth ease it a touch. I can usually avoid full blown ones by avoiding my triggers, which are mainly different scents (chemicals, gas, perfume, even strongly scented candles, etc).

Unfortunately there are times where people bathe in cologne or perfume and I'm done in.

I'm sooo happy that more places around here are becoming scent-free Scent allergies are on the rise, and alot of migraine sufferers are sensitive to heavy smells.
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I don't get headaches too often, but definatly people that drown themselves in cologne or perfume will give me one. Lots of fun being stuck on the bus next to someone who smells like the perfume counter blew up on them! Grrrr.
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I don't get headaches often - but when I do I take a panadol pill.
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I used to get migraines and often get headaches. I usually take ibruprofen for them. Sooo glad I don't suffer through full-blown migraines anymore (touch wood). Not sure why they stopped.
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I get migraines and headaches. Headaches I do nothing about it since I can handle the pain, compared to Migraines its nothing lol. I don’t like pills anyway.

Migraines depending on if I can catch it quickly I just take an extra strength Advil. It does the job, I take one every 4 hours and I am good to go. If I don’t get it in time (My migraines almost always come at night, so I usually get them weekends because I sleep in) I am usually bed ridden for 1-3 days, no noise, no lights, no nothing, just me taking sleeping pills, or muscle relaxants to get past the pain. Regular Migraine pills don't work for me so i just manage the pain and try and drug myself through it lol.
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Luckily I don't get migraines, however I do get some dozy headaches from my sinuses. I have several seasonal allergies and this time of year is the worse.

My major problem is drug sensitivity, so I have to be very careful what I take for it and have to rely on prescription rather then over-the-counter meds.
Aspirin, Ibuphron, Pheuo-Ephedrine and Malute Sulfate are all no-no's for me and you try to find a sinus medication that doesn't have at least one of those in it.

I have an inhaler that I use that works if I get to the headache before it progresses to far, and pills to take when it get really bad.
Unfortunately I pretty much out of commission until the pills wear off because they really make me tired.
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I went 6 months without headaches and miss it. Usually they are sinus headaches but I do get migraines at times. I haven't had one since getting PG. I swear they are hormonal related. I would get the aura and zig zag lines. Advil takes the edge off but I mostly have to ride it out. The headache isn't as bad as the visual impairment. I fear getting them now with a little one.
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what a health question Chris....

Fortunately I don´t have migrain....But I usally take Cafiaspirine one day yes one day not...
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I do not get migraines, and when i do get a headache it's just a "regular" one, 3 iburprofen knock them right out
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Thank goodness, no! I don't get migraines and only occasionally get a minor headache due to dehydration or sinuses. I just drink some water or take some Benadryl to get rid of the underlying cause.

My friend Susan gets them quite often though. Unfortunately, the only solution is often to go to the Emergency Room and get a shot of morphine or dilatin.
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I don't usually get migraines or headaches. Probably because I only have air between my ears
I have friends that get headaches and migraines a lot and I'm so thankful I don't. to those who do get them.
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No migraines for me (thank goodness) but I do get headaches. I'm prone to weather headaches - usually when there's a storm coming, but an ibuprofen or two will almost awalys knock it out.
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The only thing i get is the odd headache, but it's not that often
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No headaches for me.
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I used to get headaches that were unspecified the doctor said it has some characteristics of migraine and some of tension headache. I was really depressed at the time so I think there may be a link. Since I've been back to normal I haven't had much headaches, just the usual kind from lack of sleep sometimes.
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I had frequent migraines from age 10 till 22-23. I still get occasional ones but am more likely to get them from medications now due to becoming increasingly sensitive - in other words I get those infrequent and rare side effects and migraine is usually on that list.

Daily headaches, there's always at least a low pain level. This is a combination of cervical DDD and my brain not getting enough blood. If I slip on my midodrine the headaches will intensify. Ice pick headaches are frequent with the daily headaches.
Due to my low blood volume I dehydrate easily. This of course also causes a headache - the one I wake up with every single morning.

I also get what is referred to as 'coat hanger pain'. It is similar to how a muscle spasm feels but results from standing or bending over. It rolls up the back of my neck and into my head and is a strange pressure pain. Again that's due to lack of blood to my brain and hypotension. Nothing can stop this pain other than laying down.

I don't treat the migraines. As a child my father forced me to suffer through them because "nobody goes to the doctor for headaches" and by the time I got my own insurance they had stopped. The daily headaches I mostly ignore and try to keep my blood pressure up, if they get worse I will take one 650mg acetaminophen.
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I get headaches occasionally, but I have never had a migraine, thank goodness.
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I used to suffer from three or more migraines a week. Last summer, I had a visual migraine while driving in rush hour traffic. I talked to my doctor, and demanded some type of migraine preventive medication. She put me on Inderal (beta blocker) 160mg/day, and I've improved to around three migraines a month....(significant improvement!!! Yay!!!) I have two abortive medications to use when I get a breakthrough migraine; Midrin and Imitrex. I used to use Midrin before all the triptans came on the market. My insurance recently changed, and I can only get 9 Imitrex tablets a month (I used to be able to get 9 a week.) I decided that I'd try the Midrin first, then go to Imitrex if it didn't work.

I've had migraines since my early teens, but they were only diagnosed as such, maybe 20 years ago. My main trigger is being too warm....I always get a killer migraine when I go out in the garden in August to pick raspberries. Getting an insufficent amount of sleep, and stress will do it too. Sometimes weather, such as a fast drop in barometric pressure, will trigger them.
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Originally Posted by Pookie-poo View Post
I used to suffer from three or more migraines a week. Last summer, I had a visual migraine while driving in rush hour traffic. I talked to my doctor, and demanded some type of migraine preventive medication. She put me on Inderal (beta blocker) 160mg/day, and I've improved to around three migraines a month....(significant improvement!!! Yay!!!)
I used to get them that often, and always with weird if not disturbing auras. That's a huge dose for a BB! Is your resting heart rate fine on that? Most of the people I know on BBs take very very small doses due to heart rate and blood pressure issues (both becoming dangerously low from normal doses) - so I'm a bit curious how much that affects a healthy person.
I have to be extremely careful with doctors, PAs, and pharmacists because 99% have never heard of midodrine and try to give or write down that I'm on Midrin... If the pharmacist looks up the wrong drug for interactions it does me no good what so ever.

As for the heat, some tips that may help you a little. Wear a wet bandanna around your neck - I can't properly cool myself off and this helps me some. Dark sunglasses, and of course plenty of water and electrolytes. Most people don't realize they get a bit dehydrated and this is a major trigger for migraines and headaches in just about anyone.

ETA: yourbriness763 - get your neck checked out. At the very least there could be a muscle issue due to poor posture. You may be able to correct that some and help decrease the number of some of your headaches.
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Ugh, headaches, I get them everyday & I just went to the doctor on Monday because advil/ibuprofen just doesn't cut it anymore (I've been taking it everyday for the past year or 2) anyways, he said they are tension headaches, not migraines since migraines affect 1 side of the brain - this pain varies from the back of my head to the front - anyways, he gave me a prescription "isometh-d-chloralphenz-apapitp" which treats tension headaches & thank god for this because it helps! It doesn't take it away 100% but pretty close & boy is that a relief!
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Unfortunately I have suffered with headaches since I was a child, I can remember way back when playing with my cousin and always saying I have a headache. My mom took me to Dr's thinking I needed glasses, as I got older the migraines started and I needed suppositories to get rid of them. After marriage I took all kinds of tests and they couldn't find anything wrong, they called the headaches stress pain. Then I had a long bout of many years when I didn't get headaches much but then they started again, not the migraines but the actual everyday headaches. Now again they have calmed down. I take Advil for the pain now and also have a prescription from the Dr. if they get really bad. So it's been a lifelong problem with me and yet they never knew what caused them.
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I suffer from monthly hormonal migraines. They always start in the middle of the night. If I catch it quickly. I can use extra strength liquid advil and a Tylenol 3. It usually lasts 2 days. If I start to vomit. I end up in the hospital only morphine and zoferan (anti-nausea) work at this point. this happens about 4 times a year. I have tried migraine medications, they take the edge off, but they last much longer.
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No migraines here, sometimes the occasional headache - usually sinus related. I used to have a real problem with Cluster headaches that no medication can help...they were anxiety caused. I had some CBT at the time and they progressively went away and I have not had one in 4 years now!
Its amazing what stress and anxiety can do to your body....
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Daily, sometimes hourly. Im so fearful im gonna get a freakin hole in my tummy from taking so much asprin all the time! BTW...which one is it thats better to take, tylenol or like motrin? Doesnt one, according to doctors, ease the potential problem of ulcers, holes, etc.?? One thing that has helped SOME is taking a daily, non drowsy, allergy pill. I take the Walgreens brand of Allervert, it definately has helped.
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I have very few headaches, and can often just ignore it. Occasionally it will be sufficient to warrant an Exedrin or two, but that takes care of it quickly.

I also get ocular migraines -- weird -- just the aura, no pain, and it's gone in half an hour or less. I usually have three or four episodes within a few weeks and then it can be months or years before it happens again. For the most part it doesn't stop me doing anything, except of course I won't drive during an episode. Never identified a trigger.
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I get headaches and migraines. The migraines are a new development...they happen pretty much monthly since they took me off "the pill" a year ago. Unfortunately, nothing over the counter seems to help them. I have an appointment with my doctor in a couple of weeks and I'm going to beg for a prescription.

The headaches I've had pretty much all my life. I tend to be sensitive to the barometric pressure and I have loads of allergies. My neurologist recommended a year ago that I take 500 mg of magnesium a day, and that's helped immensely. Apparently many people with chronic headaches have a magnesium deficiency that contributes to the problem.
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I get severe migraines and headaches.
I can tell a migraine is going to hit sometimes and have pills from the dr to stop it.
If the pills do not work then I have to go to the er and get a shot.
I get alot of sinus headaches also because I am so allergic.
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Originally Posted by Snake_Lady View Post
Migraines: because I don't get them often, I chose not to be on a migraine medicine. Instead I take anti inflammatories + pain relief. If its a really bad one, I'm outta luck till it decides to ease up, no med helps. A quiet dark room and a cool wet cloth ease it a touch.
This is me also. I get a regular migraine (what most people think of when they think "migraine") only once or twice a year. I choose not to be on migraine medication, and Imitrex makes me vomit uncontrollably so I can't take it. I just have to suffer through them.

I also get Hemiplegic Migraines http://www.healthcentral.com/migrain...s-38571-5.html I get an aura (sparkly, rainbow looking things in my vision), I have a range of loss of muscle control on the right side of my body between full paralysis to mild, confusion (like last time I tried to say "I'm going to the doctor" but instead I kept saying "I'm going to the TV") to where I can't really understand what is going on, nausea, and photophobia. The first time this happened was when I was pregnant with my son, and the last time was a couple years ago. They aren't fun, and simulate a stroke.
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I do get headaches, and usually take 3 Aleve or Ibuprofen, whichever is handy.
I tend to get more tension headaches than anything, and Excedrin for tension headaches helps quite a bit.
When I feel a migraine coming (I get a visual aura) I either take several feverfew capsules and a drink heavy in caffeine (a Pepsi or strong coffee), or I take a prescription med called Midrin.
Luckily for me, the migraines don't come nearly as often as they used to. They also used to be alot worse, complete with the nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. Maybe I've outgrown them?
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