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Arrrrgh!! Amadeus !!!

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Yesterday the dear Amadeus found my phone charge and decided it was a tasty snack so he chewed it in half.

I was sleeping very peacfully and then in the middle of the night two fluffy paws landed on my face followed by a loud purring. Amadeus!!!!!!

Then this morning I was eating my cereal and Amadeus sat next to me staring at me and then sneakily stuck his paw in my cereal and scooped out a corn flaked a licked it off. without noticing he'd tipped the whole thing onto my lap. He didn't mind he had a cornflake.

Oh and then just now I was sitting reading my favourite magazine. Nefertiti was sun bathing on the windowsill. Amadeus came charging a long after Nefertiti. Sadly my arm was an obstacle between him and the windowsill and he missed giving a great nasty scratch on my arm.

And now he is curled right next to me purring contentedly and I if I look into his big olive green eyes and I can't stay mad at him. I love him so much despite his little episodes. Aww Amdeus you silly boy

Oh and I almost forgot to mention the small little incident of the zipper on my £50 handbag being chewed off... but hay whats a handbag when you have the company of cats!
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they sit around and think of things they can do to us! They probably keep a list!! My Beeba woke me up at midnight this am with a cold wet nose to the warm dry hand. He was relentless, so I got up and spent the rest of the night on the couch with him sleeping on my stomach. Gotta go and take a pill for my backache!! Like you, I love him anyway!
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Its easier to accept when you know they don't mean to be such pains. They are just having fun! Amadeus sounds like such a busy fiesty boy!
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I can just hear Symphony whispering to Amadeus "Go on knock it over" , "Go on chew it up" and I can just imagin her rolling on her back in hysterics whilst Amadeus comes over a little scared and shocked at his feline abilities! (Hay well isn't that the way all brother and sister relationships go)? LOL. Or perhaps it was only me who encouraged my brother to do daring things to my own amusement Nefertiti seems to just watch the pair of them in a some what bemused stare as if saying "Why are you doing that to our human?"

Anyway it is my fault for leaving the phone charger on the floor and not putting it away, the same with the handbag and I shouldn't have filled that bowl of corn flakes up so much.
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