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Jake is super wild..I'm a little concerned

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Sorry for the long post...So Jake has always been crazy, not really cuddly and the only focus in his life is to catch something, he stalks and chases and never cares about anything else. He attacks me all the time as I walk he will stalk me and then jump at me and gently bite me.. He is like a typhoon he jumps on top of EVERYTHING, even on top of the fire place and whatever is on the surface goes right down to the floor. Because of him, everything is put away in drawers and almost nothing stays on the tables or other surfaces. If I yell at him for doing something bad, I get that face with the ears back and the eyes popping with dialated pupils telling me "Who the hell do you think you are I'm going to get you SOON and you will regret it". So he never does anything wrong in his opinion. When I groom him he bites the brush and kicks me twisting and turning in every direction to avoid the brush..If I try to cuddle with him- he kicks me and gets away. He does purr when I pet him but I don't think he even realizes that he likes being petted, I think it's just some kind of instinct that is buried deep down inside of him and makes him purr, because even though he is purring he still bunny kicks me at the first chance he gets and starts a fight. He is almost 8 months old btw...I thought this behavior would subside, and although he has gotten smarter this behavior has only gotten worse. Now that he's bigger he feels like he can dominate me even more because he's so much stronger physically and that things should always go his way...
This is what happened today- We have a really big yard but a small part of it around the back door is fenced with a really high fence. My mom always tells me it's safe for him to be out there I should just let him enjoy the outdoors just a little. Well I gave in...he came outside and all hell broke loose!! He started chasing little bugs and birds and just went totally crazy and wouldn't let me come near him he was running around so fast and every time I approach he ran super fast. Finally I got him but he was completely muddy and I had to give him a bath ...For about 20 minutes after we got back inside he stood at the front door crying for me to open it. I feel guilty why is he acting like this??
anyways so I've described his behavior quite in detail...I want to know is this normal for a domestic cat who has been around humans since he was 4-5 weeks old?? I mean he is acting like he is semi feral or something. I carry him with no problems he actually likes being carried, he sits next to me when I am at home and greets me when I come home from school every day purring and rubbing himself in my feet. But that's about all the love I get from him total. Other than that he just sees me as prey and stays around me because he likes to follow my movements and ambush me...Lol. I hope I don't sound critical of him- I love him and I don't care how he behaves I would love him no matter what. But I'm curious why he is acting like he's not quite domesticated?? Any insights?
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Is he neutered? He is in the "teenage years" of his kitten hood, so some of this behavior is to be expected.
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It sounds to me like a teen kitten that was not socialized by momma cat... You said you have had him since 4-5 weeks old?
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Originally Posted by ut0pia View Post
...If I yell at him for doing something bad, I get that face with the ears back and the eyes popping with dialated pupils telling me "Who the hell do you think you are I'm going to get you SOON and you will regret it". ........he came outside and all hell broke loose!! He started chasing little bugs and birds and just went totally crazy and wouldn't let me come near him he was running around so fast and every time I approach he ran super fast....
...I want to know is this normal for a domestic cat .... But I'm curious why he is acting like he's not quite domesticated??

I agree with my colleagues. A "teenage" boy not really fostered by mom, and livelier then most, but otherwise just fine.

The first scene you describe isnt real hostile nor threatening. It is a play-hostile thing. Our boys do still make that face in the frenzy of chasing play. Even when the chase is a solitary play!

The second scene is a rather typical "cat-race", "cat-madness" or "cat-gallopp" - there are also other names for these merry races.
To witness this is I think half of the pleasure of having a young teenage cat!

As long as he dont really bites you nor scratches you for real, but all scratching done with soft paws (as I get the impression he is doing) - everything is OK. He is playing, and he has only you to play with. The wrestling matches among two friendly cats can be very intensive you know!

You are lucky, he although not socialized in full by his mom, knows how to behave to his playmate: he plays rough but always with soft paws and no real bites...

You accepting his behavior as quite normal - is half of the solution.
Neutering if it is not done yet - it SHALL be done anyway, unless he is supposed to be a stud. Do and make it.
Use a double sided tape to fasten things is one little practical advice.

Do not yell. If and when you want to discipline him - do hiss on him, like cats do at each other.
Dont overdo it though. Our own boys were also rather lively. We let them, not disciplining them almost not at all as they were kind and friendly guys.
But a couple of areas we did defended vigourously: The kitchen table and the owen when hot... Thus they could learn here who was the senior, and who was the junior. It was all the disciplining necessary for us and our two lively studs. (nowadays they are ex-studs of course).

It is not necessary for him to bathe too often, unless he get soiled with motor-oil or similiar... Especielly not if he is short hair. Longhaired cats should be bathed now and then. But as he is so lively, I suspect he is short-hair?

Consider also of a play-mate for him: ie another cat. Either a young cat, or a grown up but lively cat who likes to play much.
But a cat friendly, playful, not-so-big dog may come into question.

Oh, btw. That enclosure of yours: it sounds wonderful! He is apparently happy in there. If he gets soiled there, do tidy it up some. And it may be a good idea to set a net above: it is is possible to climb, cats can climb... A vigorous cat can also jump over 2m (two yards and a foot). So if you want to be REALLY safe - set a net above.

Good luck!
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I adopted a cat from my vets last fall....I was told she lived with her mother and litter mates in a wood pile for 4 months...Never being inside...She would get outta the house any chance she had...was a long winter...trying to keep her indoors...
However when the nice weather came ...I just thought this is crazy trying to keep her inside...She is a VERY hyper cat alot like your kitty...I think it stems from her drive to be back where she feels comfy outdoors...I am outside alot during the day and work from home...So every day at 3 til 5 I tie her out ...she is never outside alone and I watch her...She loves it.. even being tied she doesn't complain...she chases bugs and watches birds and scratches at trees...Its so routine now she waits at the door around 3 and wants to come in at 5 to eat....She has mellowed big time...I dunno if it has to do with being able to get outside once a day..but she mellowed almost right away from the day she started going out...and stopped charging at the door
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Sounds like a combination of two of my boys. If he is an only cat, part of why he chases you around is that he sees you as his playmate. When my cats were that young, they would chase and tackle each other. They play really ruff. So it's natural for him to want to play with you. He's still a baby, it's just that he's a big boy (I've seen his photos). If he gets too ruff, you can learn how to discipline him the way a momma cat would. I have to do this once in a while with my cats. When they get really out of hand I will grab thier scruff and give a firm no. No yelling, no hitting, just firm. It seems to work with my cats. If you watch a Mom cat and kittens, she lets them know when they bite her too hard or if they are getting out of hand. As someone else said if he's not neutered that will increase his agressive behaviors. That being said, my Jordan was agressive with me from time to time and he was neutered at 5 months. As I said, your cat sounds like a combination of my Jordan & my Isaac. When Isaac was a baby he wanted nothing to do with me unless I was playing with him. He was more interested in cuddling with the other kitties, that has changed as he has gotten older. Just last night he slept next to me all night sharing my pillow with me. It took him a long time, but he has finally bonded with me. Jordan on the other hand has always been a bit of a cuddle bug, but was always SUPER naughty. He'd run around all night, knock things over, break things. I have baby locks on all my cabinets because he would get into them. Jordan is a dominant cat (which is what it sounds like you've got) and if I did something he didn't like he was not above smacking me in the face claws out. The good news is that while it has not completely gone away, he has gotten better. He's 6 now, but some where around 4 he really calmed down and started sleeping cuddled up next to my head most nights. He would now rather cuddle with me than anything else. I think your kitty will calm down, but 8 months old is still just a baby. To help some of the more problematic behaviors, find ways to keep his mind occupied. Jordan is super intellegent & when he's bored is when he gets into the most trouble.
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He already got neutered and yes he was not socialized by his mommy he was with me since 4-5 weeks old. I would have thought this would make him more domesticated since he's been around humans probably doesn't even remember his mommy...

StefanZ- you're right there's no real aggression there in his behavior. He has never bitten me to the point where it hurts more than just a small pinch and doesn't scratch.And for the most part I don't discipline him. It's really rare when I yell at him and usually it's when he starts biting the window curtains or even worse biting a cord which he will sometimes do, thank god he hasn't bitten it hard enough to get shocked. So will this behavior change when he gets older? Is he going to get a little more cuddly? I cant afford more animals lol so it will be just him for a while....

Nance- I am really wondering whether I should let him out more..I'm thinking of getting him a harness and leash or just letting him out in the enclosed space supervised..The thing is I'm afraid he will get even crazier and try to escape the house first chance he gets. Hmm it's a tough choice. I think I will wait for him to get a little older and hopefully more settled down and then I will allow him to come outside because now it's too crazy.

Rang_27 I'm glad to hear that your cats settled down when they are older!! that is promising hopefully Jake will settle down also

This is his favorite place to nap. He likes to be taller than humans:

This is one of the places where I would yell at him and try disciplining when he gets on top while playing because all of the stuff on top will be on the floor. If he is sleeping there it's okay. But some things he already knocked down before he even fell asleep and they are on the floor and can't be seen in the picture...
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Oh my god, my cat is just like that. Only he doesn't know not to bite hard. Sometimes I think his sole purpose in life is to eat me, since that is what he tries all the time. I've had him in the basement since yesterday because he just got too out of hand. Will locking him up for a while make him stop attacking? What can I do? I've tried everything: Can of coins, spray bottle, yelling, time-outs. Sorry if this is thread-hijacking

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I know alot on here ...don't think its good to let your cats outside....But she was making us nuts inside....I have 5 cats and only 1 goes outside the rest couldn't be bothered...I worried about her becoming an outdoor cat which I don't want at all....But so far this has worked for us....and if I can convince my b/f to build me an enclosure....all the better....I can just tell you that has helped out my cat Molly to burn off her pent up energy...and it totally stopped her from trying to escape the house...good luck...I hope you find something to curb his behaviour
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I think the knocking things off to make room to sleep is part of the dominant cat thing. I've seen Jordan do that thousands of times. If he makes up his mind to sleep some where there's nothing I can do about it.

P.S. I can't imagine a place a cat would rather sleep than on a ledge off the floor. It's natural, they like to be up high so they can watch their teritory.
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Originally Posted by ut0pia View Post

This is one of the places where I would yell at him and try disciplining when he gets on top while playing because all of the stuff on top will be on the floor. If he is sleeping there it's okay. But some things he already knocked down before he even fell asleep and they are on the floor and can't be seen in the picture...
I see you havent made the house safe for lively cats... Frankly, the damages ARE partly your own fault.
But as all these small pretty things seems to be important to you, so you must use tricks. One is what I mentioned: A double sided tape, fastening on both sides. Sorry for my bad english, but I hope you understand what I mean.
So all these things will stand where they are even if he touches them.

I think also you should reconsider this enclosure you do have outside. Set a net above it (roof), and if you want to be sure, around... There you can make climbing possiblities for him. If you arent handy, surely some neighbour is handy and love to work with tools...
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It could be his age. My cat Toby was very wild at about 7-9 months old. He tore around the house like a wild tiger, knocking things down and acting crazy. He started to settle down at about 11 months, but he is just over a year now and still has his moments but is generally calmer. He sleeps on my mantle just like Jake.
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You mentioned jumping on top of everything and liking high places, here's my Nikita:

Nothing stops her from getting where she wants to go.

Anyway to me your cat sounds normal. Some cats are just full of energy and will zoom around and want to play all the time.

In terms of being domesticated it's not better for cats to be away from their mother until they're around 10-12 weeks. It's because the mama cat and siblings teach the kittens manners much better than we humans can do at that age. This is of course assuming that the mama cat is a pet and that the kittens are around humans some even though they're still with their mother.

Anyway when you have a 'force of nature' sort of cat it's a lot easier to just put the breakables away and cat proof your house as well as you can. Then long play sessions are good to tire the cat out and let some of his energy out so that you don't need to worry as much about getting ambushed by a playful cat that hasn't played enough that day. I.e. try to help the cat get his energy out in a controlled way instead of leaving them to it.

Also with going outside, there are extra cat proof fence tops you can add on top of tall fences to be even more sure they're cat proof. If you get that set up or if the fences are already cat proof I would let him outside into the safe garden. All cats are predators and the high energy ones need a lot of input to stay happy. This can be either through lots of play and keeping your indoor environment enriched with lots of cat toys, boxes to hide in, tunnels, things to hide etc. or in many cases, more easily by having a safe place outside for the cat to go into.

ETA: Here's a link to one type of the cat proof fencing I mentioned
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I'd consider getting a few more posts and perches. If he ever play-nips you, give him a time out. Just walk out the room for a minute or two. He'll understand that nip=no attention from Mommy.
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I will be letting him out under my close supervision. I don't have the time or resources to put something on top of the fence but if he were to jump out, he'd need to first grab onto half of the fence then jump again, since i will be right there i can easily get him if I see him attempt. I let him out yesterday and he had lots of fun..He chased little bugs and then he was soo worn out that this morning he didn't wake me up until 8 am when he usually wakes me up at 5 am
And I am trying to cat proof my house but I seem to always forget and leave something where Jake can reach it and break it. Especially since I'm so busy all the time..Well I guess I will try to make it into a habit to always put breakable items away.
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That sounds good for both of you

Young cats are often brimming over with energy so a key thing in cohabiting with them is to let them have an outlet for that energy in a way that you can live with. It also lets you sleep better like you've experienced . Playing with the cat can do the same thing but it can require quite a lot of cat - human play to get the same effect of tired out cat.
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I understand due to his background of not having mommy and littermates as long as he needed to and being placed with humans at such a young age this will set him back in some ways.

Cats need lots of vertical space. Does he have tall cat trees all of his own? This would help with his need getting on the ledge. If he does have his "own" vertical spaces (cat trees) I have another suggestion about the fireplace ledge to keep him off.

Playtime at least an hour per night will help too, Da Bird, Laser Light, sounds like your high energy boy would be a lot of fun and really get into play time.

I know some rescues run specials where they waive the adoption fee, if this kitty were mine getting him a playmate would be essential to MY sanity! (probably his too )

Good luck!!!!
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