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Another Craigslist Story (sigh)

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I know, I know, we all know not to browse the pet listings on Craigslist, but I am there every day looking for jobs that I can apply to and sometimes I just can't resist reading the pet listings. This one killed me:

$60 rehoming... 2 siamese cats to good home....

I need to find a good (indoor) home for my 2 siamese cats. They have been a couple for about 9 years. I will not seperate them. One is a male and the other is a female. Both are declawed in front. The male is neutered. The female is not spayed. These cats are my family... I am only getting rid of them due to my fiance. ;(
First, I'm a sucker for Siamese cats, so of course I clicked on the link, and I just wanted to say... BOTH are declawed, but the female is not spayed?!?!?! And of course we all can agree that the worst part is... this person has had this pair of probably beautiful cats for NINE years, and now she wants to get rid of them because she is getting married. After nine years, she will just toss them away. That makes me so sad. I could never do that.

I just wanted to vent I guess. Craigslist stinks.
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Because of her fiance?!?!?!


Josh knows he is second to Trout
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Ok -I don't get it. How can someone you LOVE and professes to LOVE you, MAKE you give up your cats? Unless the guy is deathly allergic - something is really wrong here, IMO.
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I totally agree with both of you! Certainly the post didn't sound like he was deathly allergic... People make me so grumpy.

Look at this one:

Urgent Need for Cat Foster Homes

Look at those babies. I don't want to foster them, I want to adopt them all. I am logging off of Craigslist right now or I will find more. Who the heck could surrender such beautiful cats?
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I won't browse the pet listings in Craigslist for this very reason!

My thoughts? Dump the fiance instead of the cats and hope in his next life he comes back as a mouse!
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Love me, love my cats. They were here before you and will be here after you.

My RB kitty Freckles came from a similar situation - co-worker's BF told her to give up one of her 3 cats when she moved in, and get the other two declawed. The other 2 mysteriously disappeared over the next year. I'd rather be without a man than without a pet.
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No, craigslist doesn't stink - people do.

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Originally Posted by LDG View Post
No, craigslist doesn't stink - people do.

Oh Laurie, that is such a true story. I just read about all the crappy people and their wonderful cats on craigslist so it makes me grumpy at craigslist. Maybe I should be happy that there is a venue like craigslist where these crappy people can MAYBE find better homes for their cats...

@ maggie - I love that! A mouse indeed. Serve him right.

@ Bob'sMom - Aren't pets great? They love you all the time and all they want from you is your love back, some food, water, and a clean litterbox. I love cats. Men on the other hand...
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