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Hi Sam, Not sure how I missed this thread but I did. You'll be fine. It's pretty common to have problems and clashes with your family at your age. And us parents sometimes forget what it's like to be a teen in transition to adult hood. It's all rather confusing for both the growing up teen and parents. Chin up! We'll see you around whenever you find time!

Tammie, Slave to Peaches
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so sorry to hear you are having some family problems, thats very sad, i am going through some things my self, not problems but illness, and i know what you mean about the board, its a nice place to come, people here are great, wish you well and hope things work out for ya, keep your head up high and try to keep a smile on
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Sam, I know I haven't been around on TCS as much as I used to be - and believe me, you DO go through withdrawal! - but I wanted to say that despite not having had a lot of direct interaction with you, I've come to respect and admire you so much! You're an extraordinary individual, and I have to echo MA's sentiment - what adult could not get along with you? It is terribly hard to imagine!!!!

I'm so sorry you're having these problems, (as I'm sure you know, it really is normal at your age!)...but you're so level headed about it, I can't help but expect that things will go well for you. Sometimes a little break IS all you need. I hope things continue to go well for you in school. And I'm so glad you have your nana's place to stay when you need to!

Hugs to all your pets, and keep a couple for yourself!

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I found out today my mum was having an affair with a man called Tom I don't want her to leave my step-dad, I love Ian!! What should I do, this is the saddest thing that's ever happened to me, i hav gotta stop writing i cant c the screen
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I am sorry you are having troubles. Keep in touch and stay safe. I hope it all works out well for you.
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I Thank you kindly for your message, but if you read the last message I posted, it's all turned to custard
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Sam - keep strong. Just love your mom and Ian to the best of your ability - that is the only thing in your power that you can do. I hope everything works out for you!
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Thanks Ady!

Mum & I talked to Ian last night, she told him, Mum & Ian are still going to be friends! I'm gonna really miss Jess(My Step-Sister)

Love Sam.
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