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I will not be around as often ....

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...I have recently been having lots of fights with my family , mum and step dad, so I'm living at my house, sunday, monday , tuesday and I'm staying at my Nana's the other nights. She does have internet acsess but I'd hate to impose even more, I'm leaving all my animal buddies here but taking my 4 kittens until they are cats, Nana just lives down the road and I'm trying to get closer to my immediate family this way, I hope ya'll understand and I'll try and come on at least once a week, , I'm definitly NOT leaving because I hate you guys, your some of the best buddies I have EVER made and I love you all, Have a good weekend, and oh BTW I will be around till this wednesday, Catch up soon

- Sam, while I'm writing this I'm crying so much, I'll miss you:lips:
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Oh Sam, i am so sorry to hear that. Just remember that we are not going anywhere and will be here when you get the chance to visit.
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Sorry you are having family troubles! Stay strong ,and check in often if you can!
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Oh, Sam.. I hope things will work out better soon!
Keep posting when you can!
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Family fights are the pits, but perhaps this one can work out over time. I am glad you have a safe place to go and won't end up on the street like so many others who have problems with home life. If you need to talk about anything, you know where to find some folks who care.
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I know where you're coming from, Sam. I spent most of my weekends, summers and school holidays, with my grandmother. During my teens, Mom and I did not get along at all. Granny was a lifesaver!

Hope everything works out.
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Oh Sam, I am sorry about your troubles. Please take care of yourself and come back here when you can.
Mega hugs from a fellow kiwi to another!

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Sorry about the family problems Sam. Sometimes a small break helps a LOT. And it is wonderful to see you putting forth effort to work things out. Keep your head up.. we aren't going anywhere, we will miss you, but we will definitely be here when you are able to come back full swing.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your family troubles, Sam! We'll miss you, but you need to work things out with your family. We'll always be here whenever you come for a visit!
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Awwwwwwww {{{HUGS}}} To everyone! I'm just getting all my stuff ready for nanas

You guys are all so kind, and Yes I know you guys will be here and I wont forget that Thanks for all the kind words

Love Sam
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(((Sam)))) We will still be here.... Sorry about your family troubles though. please keep us notified of how you and the kitties are doing*hugs*.
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Sam I'll miss you terribly. Come back and visit us when you can.
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Ohh I am so sorry you are having problems with your family..I know how rough it can be at times..believe me, I am living it right now...((hugs)) and hang in there and check in when you can!
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Oh Sam! It's too bad that you're having family issues. I really hope that things get better between you & your folks. Please don't forget about us here! I know you won't!

Take care of yourself and don't forget that we're all here for ya if you need to talk. Hope to see you around the boards soon!
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heheh you aren't getting rid of me till wednesday heheheh, Thanks you guys ...more {{{HUGS}}}} :lips::lips:
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I'll miss you not being around as much, Sam! Enjoy all your posts and wonderful pictures of your babies. I think each and every one of us understands what family issues can be like - we've all been there at one time or another - so I hope all can be resolved quickly. I'm glad you aren't leaving all together - and look forward to the time when you can be back as often as you can.

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I'm just catching up now on posts, sorry to hear of your home troubles! Sometimes a short separation can be an excellent way to get a new perspective on the situation and mend family problems.

Good Luck!

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Sam? I'm sorry to hear you're having troubles. Just remember that most kids your age have troubles too. You don't even want me to begin the problems I had. You will come through it stronger than ever and with flying colors. You're much stronger than I was when I was your age. I'll see you when you're on.

Kitty hugs!
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Yeah, It's a shame Family problems happen eh! But it might only be for a few months and I'm still gonna be here 4+ a week

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Hey You Guys!

The person I have been having the most problems with Ian [step-dad] has been away for a week and he's coming back next Monday, So I have been staying @ home apart from last week, things have been much better lately so I have been staying @ my Nanas each night but coming here most afternoons to post Arrrrrhh Cool eh!

BUT I only have 1/2 an hour to post and then I wont be here till Sunday Coz I'm going to stay at a mates for a few days so take care people

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You take great care and you will be in my thoughts. I can't imagine what type of adult could not get along with you. I find you extraordinary. I hope you can work through these problems soon and return to a stable life.

Hugs my friend! (((((((()))))))))
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That's so sweet of you!, It's just sometimes we have different opinions on things, We like each other very much, we are not really like family but more like friends. But Most of the time I don't agree with him he's not the biggest fan of my pets you see He never hurts them just doesn't really like them.. He loves my Rats though, I'm in the highest class at school for my year level [Year 9] and sometimes when I'm having problems at home it's hard to work well at school, recently I have started to improve and hopefully I can follow my dreams and be a vet

(((()))) Hugs Right Back At Ya!

Thanks, Sam
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Hey Sam,

I know you said you were going away for awhile, but as I'm your penpal(you didn't answer my emails...did you get them??? Maybe you thought I was some junk mailer ), is it alright if I send you snail mail package? I was going to anyways, but if you don't know if you are going to be at home or whatever, should I maybe send it to a different address, or just send it to your regular address? Let me know, k? And I'll get it in the mail right away for ya....Good luck with the parents!
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Sam - You take care of yourself and your furbabies. We will be here whenever you get a chance to visit.
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Love you and miss you, Sam!

i will continue to write.

Smiles and hugs always!

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I'm back and HAD SEROIUS with drawls(sp?) from TCS!

OMG I'm so sorry Pam. I was supposed to post here the other day , I can't remember if I did BUT My computer is pretty crappy and keeps crashing and I got your e-mail and Yes I'd love to hear from you through snail-mail .. Please send it to my adress provided, It's my real home , Thanks so much I look forward to hearing from you via SM..

Thanks also Shirley & Ady!

BTW If you are reading this Dali, I'll be posting out your pressie soon I just keep forgetting

Love Sam.
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Bump for PAM as I saw her online
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Thanks Sam! I'll put in the mail today for ya! Do you mind me asking how old you are? I thought you were really young-ish (like 14-15), but then you say you are in college......I don't know! lol Anyways, if you don't want to say how old you are on here, pm me, or email me, k? Thanks dear!
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Hiya Pam!

I replied to your PM saying how old I was I'm 13 BUT we have different schooling systems after here, I would be at Highschool over there? Anyone I'm in 9th/grade/year.....

See Ya Sam.
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Ah, I understand now Sam! lol. Do you realize we have rhyming names? lol I just thought of that! It's a good thing we don't live right close together, eh? hehehe Anyways, I'm gonna go to bed now....Have a good day all!
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