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How Tinker samples my food.

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It's hard to get mad at her.

She waits until she thinks i'm watching tv. But i had the camera pointed at her anyway.

usually she's MUCH slower and more ginger but this was the second time on this dinner. the first one was much cuter.

it's sweet and sour chicken
You can stop any time after she does it. the rest is boring.

And just so he doesn't get left out. Wilbur says hi
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I seem to get the wet nose in my face approach when eating.

I like sweet and sour chicken, too, Tinker. Hi, Wilbur!
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I like how Tinker caaaasually grooms herself as she eyes your chicken, then nonchalantly stretches out her paw to dab it in the sauce. Soooo funny. My boys will sit on top of my processor and stare as I eat, their eyes following my fork/spoon/chopsticks. It's highly unnerving.

Hi, Wilbur, you cutie, you.
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it's cute when she first does it. the second time she's a little quicker and not as careful. the first time she usually stops mid way and looks at me to see if I'm getting mad
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thats too cute! Hi Wilbur!
When Figaro wants to sample what I am eating he just stands on my plate Flower is the smart one and hits me up when I am making dinner She sits on the bar in front of her food dish and pretends to eat and then looks at me and looks at her food.
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That is hysterical! It's the kitty equivalent of whistling, hands in pockets, non-chalant and then ... zap!

Good for you, Tink. I like sweet n sour, too!

Hi, Wilbur!
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Awwwwww That was so cute but funny at the same time She did it so gracefully
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What a stinker! I like her subtle approach

Barney just puts out a paw and tries to smack your fork out of the way
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haha! What a little stinker!

Abby does something similar. Only she doesn't reach out with her paw. Instead she lays like Tinker does, and purrs up a storm, and at the same time very, very slowly, she creeps up and stretches her body in order to get closer to my food. She doesn't think I notice See, she knows I love it when she cuddles up close to me, so she takes full advantage. She thinks she has me sufficiently distracted between her purrs and cuddling.

Then when she's nice and close, she moves in for the kill and gives whatever I'm eating a few licks.
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Lol she is soo cute and sneaky!!!
I love sweet and sour chicken too Chinese food is the best...
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Oh yes...the infamous sneaky paw. I get that too. But Ginger Cookie doesn't just sample the sauce. If there's meat in it, she would take off with whatever she could get her claws into. She tried to take off with my whole box of Chicken Fries from Burger King tonight.

Tinker is a dollie, and I love how she's so cool and suave leading up to the sneaky paw.

Hi Wilbur - you cutie boy!
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ohhhh, she is sneaky. i couldn't get made at her either
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It's funny hearing these other stories. Cats are sneaky little rascals.

Tinker started doing it with ice cream. she'd dip her paw in and lick, then dip again. but she was REALLY slow. now that she knows I wont' do anything it's quicker.

But if you notice, she's trying to play it off like she's going to lay down, looking at me, etc. she didn't think i was looking at her. i had my head turned to the tv. hence why her head is chopped off at the beginning.
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