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Miss Cally settles in!

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I'll try and put pictures up later. I don't have all that many, because she's still afraid of me.

But after getting the all clear from the vet, I started letting Cally out of her room while I was home. At first, she would kind of timidly walk around the second floor, and meow at us from upstairs as if to say "Hey, where is everyone? I want to go down there but I'm scared!!" She finally made the trip downstairs so that she could love on Billy some more.

I was keeping her in her room at night, and while I wasn't home. Monday night, I got home late and let her out. I went downstairs to get some water, and the boys followed me down. Cally followed the boys. So I had this little parade of cats following me around the house, up and down the stairs.

That night, she told me in no uncertain terms that she was tired of her room and being in there by herself, and I was not allowed to keep her there anymore. If I walk towards her room, she runs down the stairs. If I get her in her room and try to shut the door, she makes a very hasty exit. After trying a few times, I just decided she wasn't going to be in there, and told her she could stay out if she behaved. And so, she has had the run of the house ever since!

Last night, I caught her sleeping at the foot of the bed. She probably just wanted to sleep near Billy, who usually sleeps with me, but it was still cute! Then I moved, and she took off again.

I think she's going to settle in just fine!
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It's great to hear she is doing so well! I have to say for some reason there is nothing as powerful as another cat to help a feral cat rehab. If she is as madly in love with Billy as it sounds, she will learn from him that you are not such a scary monster.
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Aw, that is a sweet story. Good for Ambassador Billy in his help socializing Miss Cally. I'm glad it's turning out so nicely.
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I'm always amazed at how quickly they learn trust when they see another cat doing it. It sounds like Miss Cally has made great progress.
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