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Trivia from my cat calendar

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Several years ago I got a page-a-day calendar of cats and found this interesting item.

The earliest known cat name is "Bouhaki" found in heiroglyphs dating circa 2000BCE. "Bou" means house, and "haki" means divine ruler.

They got that right!

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I love that! I wonder how many people will name there cats Bouhaki now? I know it's on my short list.
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Thats too funny. Perfect name for a cat!
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I'd say that's pretty accurate!
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LMAO I'm not surprised, of course my cats already knew this LOL how fitting.
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LOL sounds right to me! Even wayyy back then they knew that cats rule! Nothing much has changed in all that time
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...they to know about it...
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That is too funny...and TRUE!
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