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The nerve of some people!

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Well, really! I have had several people tell me my cat Danny is spoiled! Can you believe it? I tell them, "Danny isn't spoiled. He knows what he deserves and he gets it." Then they laugh. Sheesh!
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amen to that!
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Of course he isn't!
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Cats can be spoiled?
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
Cats can be spoiled?
I agree It is impossible to spoil a kitty
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I got a similar remark from a co-worker when I told him of how I pander to Lucy's eating habits (I can't leave her food out because Carly will eat it all and Carly didn't earn her nickname "Daddy's little football" because she's skinny). I have to watch Lucy eat and pick it up. When Lucy is ready to eat, I put the food down again and watch her eat.
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Ok, I'll admit it. My cat is spoiled rotten and I'm danged proud of it She deserves to be
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Cats used to be worshipped as Gods in ancient Egypt - Cats have never forgotten this <-- My excuse for the spoiling !!!
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