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I am so sorry for your loss John.
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Thank you to everyone here. I have been on vacation too and away from the computer. There was nothing so hard for me, than to carry my sister to her grave. It was a beautifull, sunny and warm day, a day Barb would have loved for sure. I am still in a state of shock or disbeliefe, that this has even happened. The day she passed, I was on my way there, but she was gone when I arrived at her home. Her husband was alone in the room with her. But my sister managed to gather all her last strength, to open her eyes and gave her husband a wink, then took her last breath and left this world. That was Barb
When we were at the church for her funeral, the priest shared a story with us that her husband had told him. Barb was not only an animal lover, but she loved her plants and loved to garden. A few days before she had passed, a neighbor gave them a large potted plant for their garden. They have a problem with those Japanese bettles on many of the plants in the yard this year. However, on this plant that was given to her before her passing, any and all bettles that landed on this plant had died. I think that was my sister saying, leave my plant alone!!
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I am so sorry for your loss of your sister. It am happy to know that she knew the Lord because you said she is now in Heaven with God. That is a wonderful blessing. I pray that your memories will bring you much comfort and peace.
Yes, Barb did know the lord. She was very much involved with her church and she loved animals and nature. Barb is now free, but I am going to miss her very very much. Barb, you were my best friend growing up. Until we meet again....I will forever love you
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John, I am so sorry
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I've been away for a while so have just seen this. I'm so very sorry for your loss .
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John, Barb sounds like an incredible lady. I can't iimagine how hard it is to lose a sibling. I am so very, very sorry for your loss.
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