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Question Of The Day - Wednesday, June 10th!

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Hi everyone!

Here's a simple Question Of The Day....

What are your favorite and least favorite colors?

My favorite color is green, followed closely by purples. I find that greens are very calming to me.

My least favorite colors are yellow and orange.
Yellows and orange colors tend to jangle my nerves. Although, I enjoy flowers that are yellow and orange...go figure!
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Green then blue, can't stand pink or purple (but lavender is ok)
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Blue is my favorite and pink is my least favorite.
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Favorite colour is a rich burgundy or a royal purple.

Least fav is pastels of any colour...
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Pink is my favorite Yellow is my least favorite
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Purples and dark reds are my favorites.

I guess orange is my least favorite, although I don't mind it for certain things.
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Hmm, I like dark colors. Dark reds, dark purples, dark greens, etc.

I don't like yellow, orange, lime green, anything like that.
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Favourite: not a single colour, but anything at the intersection of blue/green/grey
Least favourite: pink, except the palest most delicate ones.
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Favorites are the darker purples, burgundy's and browns.
Least favorites would be green and pink...
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I love pink and blue . I am not fond of orange
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Blue is my favourite!
and Red is the LEast.....
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Fav = Celedon, lime green, and any shade of blue

Least = Yellow and Red
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Favs are Pink, purple and black

Least favorite is red
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My favourite is definitely pink. I don't about least favourite - probably grey!
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