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Could you dump her?? - Page 2

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You just need to post the pic and kitty's name in this thread here

Assuming you've got rights to use the photo - since you're fostering her
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yes its my photo that I took and right now she is a foster here at Animal Ark Rescue. so yep I think I have rights
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Wow...that is the cutest pic ever. I would have woken her up to give her a kiss and spoiled the photo op. she is powerfully cute.
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Aw, look at that sweet, sleeping cherub. She's a dolly!
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Just wanted ot update you all. Shirley went to her new home today
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I'm glad she has a forever home, but OMG, I bet it was hard to part with that one.
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Did you take any final pictures of her before she left?
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OMG! What a sweetie! I just love her coloring.
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Oh my goodness, that baby is just the cutest little muffin
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That had to be a bittersweet parting.

Did you tell her new people that she's a star already? Besides the instant fan-club she got here, she did win the June photo contest, so she'll be featured in the TCS Calendar.
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Aww I just saw this thread of that little sweetie pie. What a gorgeous little muffin she is. I sure hope they will keep you updated and they know she is in a calendar, like she deserves to be
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Aw, what a bittersweet day for you. It's great that she has her forever home, but, oh it had to be so hard to let her go.
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Aww lil Shirley Temple has a furever home! I don't know whether to be happy for her or sad for me that I'll not have any new pictures of her to go goo goo gaa gaa over
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sadly I didnt take any new pics its been hectic around here.

Yeah They had actually contacted me about Flop but since I am holding him for someone else they still wanted to meet him just in case that adoption fell through.

WELL when they came for a visit they met all 4 of my kitties (Stoney,Flop Digger and Shirley to!) WELL... they oood and aaaad over Flop...then My lil sister took him back.. The Father was Crazy about Stoney but their youngest just didnt not put Shirley down. She was a young teen and I could see myself in her eyes. Their mom is involved with a dog rescue about 45 min from me.

WELL sure enough they wanted Shirley (like who wouldnt when they met her in person)

She won the photo contest? I could never refind that thread. ***so lost***

I will tell them!

It was so hard to see her leave. When you hand raise them for any amount of time its crushing to see them go

I Have kept in touch with her new family. She is doing wonderful! maybe I can get them to send me a pic and I will post it!

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She sure did! Here's the voting/results thread.
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TY valanhb
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I took a pic a few days b4 she left of her and my sister. so one last pic
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She is just too precious for words. I'm so happy she has a wonderful new home but I sure appreciate how difficult it must have been for you to let her go.
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Originally Posted by naturesgift View Post
I took a pic a few days b4 she left of her and my sister. so one last pic
Awwwwwwwww, so cute. What a complete doll. It must have been so hard to see her go.
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Aww two adorable girls, what a sweet photo
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