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Could you dump her??

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Well I recieved a new baby today. Normally this time of year I would be driving to meet someone to pick up a baby squirrel..possum, bird or some other wild baby. But not this morning.

I recieved "Shirley Temple" from a lady who was helping a neighbor do yard work when the friends great Pyrenees came over and dropped something at her feet. Neither of them have cats and their are no close neighbors so they had no Idea where this lil angel came from.

Neighbor didnt want the kitty and the rescuer is leaving tomorrow and heading out of state. So she couldnt care for the kitty soooo she drove an hour to bring her to me!

Anyways Without further delay!!!!


I named her Shirley Temple b/c she walks around and just capture everyones heart. you have to see her in "person" to understand. When you hold her up to your face she places her paws on your face an dgives you kisses.

Sadly her finder did instantly feed her and she does have bloat. And her ribs are bruised, but all in all from what she has gone through she is going to be ok!

I just dont think she was a feral cats kitten. She is to friendly I think she was dumped and the dog found her. Its the only way she could get out into the middle of nowhere
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OMG is that a little bundle of adorableness or what??? She is so precious, but looks so terrified of the camera!

I love her name - enjoy her!
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Oh my heart She is precious as the day is long

How could someone dump her
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OMG! She is sooooo cute!!! I love her colours and look that that widdle face!!!
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I love her colors.
I hope she will be ok and I am glad you have her.
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TY she is such a lil lover!

She is on sulphatrim b/c she has a "click" in her lungs. But thankfully no ribs were broken.

In time I may see if my youngest momma with kittens will accept her. But if not or untill then i am enjoying her
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How absolutely adorable! I would never be able to give up such a little treasure! You have struck gold!
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Oh my goodness, what an absolute utter doll she is! I can't believe someone dumped her, but how lucky that you got her. Keep us posted.
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Wow! She is so cute! She has such a precious face. No, I could never dump her, ever. I could never dump any kitten, to be honest, but she is particularly cute... It's so sad that someone could do that. I'm so glad she is safe with you now.
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That's a cutie pie of a little girl!
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She looks to be so full of personality. What a stunner!
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She's just so cute! So sweet of the dog to bring her to someone who cares.
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people never cease to disappoint me

I'm glad you were the one to ultimately rescue this sweet multi coloured ball o fluff.
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look at that face!!! I think Shirley Temple is a perfect name
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OMG! She is I think hands down the most beautiful kitten i have ever seen. look at her running with her tail in the air! Saucy girl!! Pyrnees are HUGE I can't imagine her being in one's mouth. Amazing!

I rescued a kitten also recently. A tortie I named her Sophie. She had charm also. I had to bring her to work as I found her on my way to work. She stayed all day and even won over the hearts of the "anti cat" people. She was something special, truly.

I am so glad someone was in the right place at the right time! Give that dog a treat!! She is really something special. You CAN tell from the photos. Look at those feet! I want to kiss them!!!

Okay, if I think about her anymore I am going to lose it.
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OMG! put a black smudge on her nose and you have a mini me of Rosie
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Oh my gosh, she is freakin' adorable!!!!!!!!! Beautiful colors!!
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She is adorable. I would have loved to see that huge dog carrying that tiny kitten so gently that she doesn't have broken ribs. The dog has more compassion than people that would dump a little defenseless kitten.
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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
She's just so cute! So sweet of the dog to bring her to someone who cares.
Yeah! Let's hear it for the doggy who instinctively knew this was a little baby in trouble!

And she is cute as a button!!!
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Shirley is doing well today! She has what is called "creptitus" It is air pockets around her ribs and lungs. When you pet her it feels like she has crackly rice under her skin. Thankfully her lungs are not punctured just bruised.

Creptitus is caused from direct trauma IE big doggie being over loving.

She will heal meanwhile I had to switch her antibiodics. She is very quiet and is easy to put down for "naps"

I will take more pics this evening!
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She is a beautiful kitten. quick healing vibes sweet little girl
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OMG She is toooo cute! Wow!
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She is so sweet! Are you keeping her? And that dog is a true guardian angel
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Sadly she will be up for adoption when she is fully healed. This is going to be another hard baby to place. My last special needs Kitten "Trivette" (the one I had to have his leg amputated) Luckily his new family has become very close with me and whenever they go on trips I get to house sit and take care of him and their other 2 cats.
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She is beautiful!!! Thank you so much for taking her in until she can be adopted.

That dog definitely needs lots of love and treats.
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You said special needs? Does that mean her conditon is going to have a permanent effect? It won't matter, she is too beautiful and charming.

ReeRee stole my heart even though he was the wobbliest of the two brothers. I didn't know if he would track his poo all through the house being too wobbly not to have control of where he stepped, but I figured I would cross whatever bridges when I came to them. When a cat chooses you that is it!
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She is only special needs right now Thankfully.

Sweet dreams....
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Originally Posted by naturesgift View Post
She is only special needs right now Thankfully.

Sweet dreams....

You need to enter that into the June contest!
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Oh my gosh...that is one of the sweetest pictures I've seen in a long long time. You really should submit that picture in the June photo contest (Cat Naps).
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how do I enter it???
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