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This cleaner pretty much sucks in my opinion despite decent reviews on the internet.
I am sorry but in all my research of cat cleaners I have never heard of this cleaner. Doesn't sound like the proper cleaner? It has no enzymes in it which is required so cat will not return. I have suggested a few good cleaners and also I know that on many different threads on this cat forum other people have suggested some very easy cleaners that you could make at home. Also, on the links I gave you for the Cat Attract website the Dr. gives a cleaning solution to use as well.
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WOW!!! Funny you guys mentioned the diffusers!! My wife picked one up today at the local pet store based on a recommendation from a fairly knowledgable employee there. She also picked up this cleaner

Do you think we should discontinue the Buspar while using the diffuser?

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Definitely do not discontinue the Buspar except by your regular vets advice. Is Buspar one of the anxiety meds that has to be slowly reduced over time?

Feliway is a great product, but is best for mild problems - it worked to help settle down my overanxious kitty in her early days, but didn't work when one of my girls was COMPLETELY stressed by one of my other cats. So if you're already using Buspar, Feliway should be used in conjunction with it, not instead of it - but talk to your vet
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WOW!!! Funny you guys mentioned the diffusers!! My wife picked one up today at the local pet store based on a recommendation from a fairly knowledgable employee there. She also picked up this cleaner
Once again I do not think this cleaner will do the trick. I never heard of it and most cleaners off the shelves in my opinion do not work. I have tried them all and they just mask the smell. I find I was wasting more money on these cleaners then anything else. Sometimes it's more worth it to fork out the money up front for a cleaner that is known to work (like the ones I suggested). Because then you will be using less of it. Because at theis point it sounds like you are also forking out a bunch of money on products that aren't working as well.

What type of diffuser was it? Was it the Feliway diffuser? I know there are some store brand type diffusers but I have never heard of them working. It MUST be one with Feliway included. Like the link I posted.
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Well, the diffuser is NOT a Feliway, so it is going back to the pet store! Besides, Angel pooped again on the rug about 2 feet away from the diffuser!! Since she has been on the Buspar she is going about every other day on the floor now. I think the meds have made this worse, or it is just coincidence.
Also, we are going to take back the cleaner. Denali, the links you posed on the cleaners you recommened, are the ID only?
We are gonna order one of them.
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Well we returned those items. I have a bottle of "Nokout" coming Monday and I bought the Feliway Diffuser. I hope the "Nokout" gets the odors completely out Stay tuned
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You could call the company and ask them how to clean the spot appropriately with their cleaner!!

Also, have you purchased the "Cat Attract"?
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Originally Posted by Denali View Post
You could call the company and ask them how to clean the spot appropriately with their cleaner!!

Also, have you purchased the "Cat Attract"?
Cat Attract is on my radar as well. BTW, we have temporarily blocked off the dining room at the moment in hopes to completely clean that area of the rug before opening it up again. The area has a definate odor to it now and I am sure it is/has been attracting her to it. Maybe now that has been the problem for a while.
I have to call the company anyway because the solution came frozen via Fed Ex and I want to make sure it will still be okay once it thaws out.
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First, bless you and your family in all your efforts. I've had luck with a couple of products, and the best ones were;
  • Cat Attract litter - best stuff ever for my boy!
    A product called Zero Odor - it's not really to remove the stain, but it seems to work wonders on odor. You can get it at Bed Bath & Beyond, which has a good return policy, or on the internet - but as a liquid the shipping can be a killer.

Best of luck, and again, thank you for your patience in working to resolve this issue - I know how disheartening it can be.
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We use Nok Out and swear by it. When it arrives, the use is simple. SATURATE the affected area of the carpet with it. Since the problem is poop, not pee, if it's an area rug, put some type of plastic down inbetween the floor and the rug.

Let it soak for about 15 minutes - then blot it up. Leave it to air dry.

And just because this has been going on for so long, I would treat it a second time.

When we have an area that needs Nok Out used, we usually just lay aluminum foil down over it rather than restricting kitty from the area, but that's your call.

Given that the Buspar hasn't helped her stop this behavior, I'd talk to the vet about weaning her off of it.

I would definitely invest in the Cat Attract litter.

I also like the idea of putting the litter box there after the area has dried. When moving it to a new location, do it about 6" a day, not all at once. Just slowly "walk" it to where you want it permanently.

...and if she still has a problem with the dry stools, have you done anything to increase her water intake? Often a water fountain will help, if you don't have one. You can also buy canned pumpkin (no spices!) and mix a little bit into wet food for her daily. We also add a little bit of warm water (to help boost the water intake).

You can also talk to the vet about lactulose. This helps regulated the water and the healthy flora in the colon.
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Thanks for all the replies!
Angel drinks plenty of water and see gets about a tablespoon a day of moist Trader Joes Cat Tuna. We leave dry food out all the time, she gets "Chicken Soup For The Cat Lovers Soul".
Do the pets stores carry cat attract litter?
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In my area, you can get Cat Attract litter at Petsmart or PetSupplies Plus. There's also an additive you can purchase to add to your current litter. That might work better if you end up having to order over the internet.

BTW, the Cat Attract has a pamphlet in each bag that details cleaning and how to use the litter, etc., as well as coupons (e.g., $1 off your next purchase). You might check the Dr. Elsey web site - there used to be a print out coupon for a free bag.

I honestly love this litter - I think it clumps well, i don't think it's dusty, and I myself like the odor. And, honestly, my boy took to it right away. When we had a few accidents after using this litter, it was always linked to a medical problem.

And, for me, multiple boxes helped a lot - my girl isn't bad at all, but my boy is rather picky about having separate boxes for pee and poo.
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You can look up a store by typing your zip code in at the site:
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Hey, there's blog entries in there now with tips on the litter line, and elimination issues. I hadn't seen this the last time I was there.
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Well I applied the Nokout solution to the carpet today. The first application I blotted up after about 15 minutes. The second application, I just left and am using a fan to expedite the drying process.
I am afraid that even though it seems better, there will still be a presence of the odors. Maybe once it dries better it will be better?
Any tips?
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I don't know Nokout as a product. I always used to use Simple Solution [url=""] when my late (and much missed tabbycat) Artemis used to urinate inappropriately.
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Originally Posted by BritishLongHair View Post
Well I applied the Nokout solution to the carpet today. The first application I blotted up after about 15 minutes. The second application, I just left and am using a fan to expedite the drying process.
I am afraid that even though it seems better, there will still be a presence of the odors. Maybe once it dries better it will be better?
Any tips?
This is an enzyme product - it can take up to two weeks to dry and completely eat through the bacteria... In essence, the enzymes are literally eating the bacteria while it is drying... Be patient... Cover the area if at all possible (so kitty doesn't go back too poop in there) and DO NOT EXPEDITE THE PROCESS. Let it air dry normally, you need to allow the enzymes to eat that bacteria - that is how an enzyme product works, it needs that time.
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Ok...we have temporarily blocked off the room from Angel and have used the Nokout odor eliminator. It is definately better, but still not total gone.
I have Sears Carpet Cleaning coming tomorrow and they will be cleaning the entire room. They will be using a pet deodorizer containing an enzymatic solution. They told me after it is cleaned to give it 2-4 days to dry and give it a chance to work. After that we will re-open the room to Angel. I also plan on buying Cat Attract litter additive and possibly a product called "Ssscat". Ssscat is a product that is supposed act like a spray water bottle when the cat gets near it. Water bottles always worked pretty well with Angel.
Since closing off the room, Angel has had ZERO litter box problems. I firmly believe that once we get the scent completely out of that rug we hopefully should be good.
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Well Sears came out and never could clean the rug, long story.....Anyway, we gave in and decided to move Angel's litter box into the dining room and she went off the Buspar. Everything went great until today! A couple of days ago she began acting differently again; more vocal, following us around a bit more than usual, sitting and staring at us etc. Then today, she poop's on the floor again about 2 feet away from her litter box
Since then she has been embarrassed and knows what she did was wrong.
She does not appear sick or anything like that. She has been going poop once a day like usual since moving the box into the dining room.
We are now again at a loss......I guess we go to another vet and get a second opinion? For the last two days she has been obviously trying to tell us something, but what?

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Gosh, that's not what I wanted to hear...the only thing I can think of is to type up a synopsis of everything that's happened, with dates/places/any little piece of data you can think of, and try another vet.

She's definitely trying to tell you something, and she's probably not at all happy to be going out of the box, but what?
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First I want to commend you for not giving up on this and just getting rid of the cat and trying to root out the issue instead of dumping her. I could never do that myself but there are so many who would, I dealt with a cat that would attack you so badly with her claws it required medical attention and stitches on more than 1 occasion and this went on for years trying various ways that didn't involve amputating her toes. We finally had to have her declawed. I see no point in doing it period, if you can't teach your cat where to and where not to scratch and your furniture is just so precious you don't even want the chance of it getting scratched you don't need to have a cat(or any animal, all can cause scratches on furniture, floors, etc) but in this case this was last chance, declaw or euthanasia, vet told me that, and I don't just give up or won't put down a healthy animal. So I do know what you are going through in a way with an issue that just can't seem to be solved and keep happening long term. Especially when everything you are trying should work and doesn't. You get to the point of ripping your hair out.

She is young and something is wrong if she knows she isn't supposed to go there and is ashamed by it. Could she be having occasional issues getting to her box in time? That sounds like it might be a part of the issue if she did it 2 feet from her box, but if she had to climb through the box to get there then maybe no.

It sounds like you need a second opinion to see if they can figure it out, or you might be better off just keeping her out of the dining room if possible or putting the box right on top of where she is going(I think you said you tried that though.)

Type up a synopses of what has been happening, even printing this thread(if allowed, I know some boards are weird about that) and taking it in or going through the post and writing down what has happened and that should help the vet in figuring it out.

I wish you good luck on this and I hope you find the solution soon.

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Thanks for the kind words. The last two days she has used the litter box and no accidents. One thing I noticed this morning is that she spent about 4-5 minutes in the litter box before she was done. Her poop is always smallish ball shaped (at times alittle longer). Maybe she is a bit constipated?
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Just a quick update.......I suspected this for awhile now, but I caught her urinating outside of the box today. So it started out with poop and now it is poop and pee in the dining room. The dining room rug is getting trashed and on a warm day in the house, the odors are really bad. We have been lighting candles to mask the odors. None of these cleaners have worked!
We are at our wits end now and have no idea what try next especially because she will still use the litter boxes at times. This is very frustrating and even sad.
We took her to the vet a couple of weeks ago and had a check up. He said she is in great health, but obviously her head is messed up.
What is left to try?
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Can you write a list of everything you have tried? From litters to cleaners to plug ins....the whole nine yards so we can get a look at what you have tried.

I read your post in February about the poops being like a ball and yes this can be a sign of constipation. Have you tried treating her with anything for this constipation? I can give you some suggestions if you need some. She may be very uncomfortable and may not like the feel of the litter on her bum. My cat was constipated and would poop outside of the litterbox as well.

I think I recommended this in the past but I would join this group Feline Inappropriate Elimination and ask for some suggestions. They all have MUCH experience with peeing and pooping outside the litterbox (and much experience with the JUSTRITE cleaner I recommended

Has the vet done recent Urine tests? Have you taken a stool sample to the vet to check? If the vet has not recommended any of this then I would find another ver. My vet was treating my cat for anal glands for 2 years until I finally went to get a second opinion. Best thing I ever did for my cat. Nothing was wrong with her anal glands. It was that she was severly constipated. And b/c of the other vets wrong diagnosis my cat has Feline Megacolon now. Sometimes second opinions are needed.....
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We have changed litter once and are going to try another. We have added a second litter box. We tried the Feliway to no avail. We tried blocking her out of the room which worked for two days until she pooped on the floor next to the gate to that room.
The vet says she seems in good health and the only thing she has is a minor reoccurring watery goopie eyes. Then she gets anti-biotic eye drops for about a week.
My wife caught her peeing on the floor yesterday and she became sheepish and embarrassed then went and hid. So she knows that going outside the box is wrong, but does it anyway.
I joined the Yahoo group so hopefully I can get more ideas to try.

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