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New cat

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Hello All,

My name is Tammie and I have an adorable Persian named Peaches. I adopted Peaches from our local Humane Society last October. When I first got Peaches she was under weight, her fur was thin and straggly and she was so weak she couldn't even meow. Now she has filled out in every way and is very healthy and happy! My children are grown and the last one just left the nest recently so Peaches gets a lot of one-on-one attention! I would love to have another Persian and have just started looking around! Below is one of my favorite pictures of Peaches, all cuddled up under the covers on mommy's bed.
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Hello Tammie!
As you can see on my siggy I breed persians, Peaches is such a cutie!
Your a lovely purrson for rescuing peaches and I hope you are able to rescue another sweetcheeks! Welcome! to TCS.. Have Fun!

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Hey Tammie, welcome aboard!!
your Peaches is absolutely adorable! I loved the pic!

Enjoy your tine int The Cat Site, and remember: this is a very VERY addictive place!!!
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Welcome to the site Tammie! Oh, Peaches is a real doll - what a great picture! How wonderful of you to rescue a kitty in not perfect condition and bring her back to health.
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Welcome to the site! You are wonderful for rescuing Peaches and I'll be she lets you know how wonderful you are. She looks like she'd be really nice to cozy up with.
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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! It's good to see that I am in good company! Sometimes people don't understand my attachment to my kitty. They think I'm nuts! I have to watch myself sometimes to make sure I don't talk about her so much that people get sick of it. But since my kids have all went out on their own my life seems to be Peaches, work, gardening and scrapbooking! I have 2 grandsons but they live across the country so I don't get to see them much.

Peaches is a sweety. She likes to cuddle and if you put your face close and make kissing noises she'll kiss you. If she gets tired of cuddling though, she'll let you know quickly!
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Originally posted by mzjazz2u
Sometimes people don't understand my attachment to my kitty. They think I'm nuts!
Tell me about it!! lol!!
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welcome!! what a cute kitty!!
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Maybe we ought to have a "Name Val's black Kitty" contest!
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Welcome Tammie-

Peaches looks all snug and contented in that picture! Welcome to this cat community!
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Hi Tammie! Welcome to the board! Peaches is a little cutie! I'm glad you could join us - hope you enjoy your time here as much as I do!
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Welcome! What nice eyes your kitty has!
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Hi there mzjazz2u!!! Welcome! hope to see you arround posting! Have fun!

Love SiMbA'sMoM!
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Thank you again for all the warm welcomes! Yes, Peaches has nice eyes but you ought to see them when she's upset with me.... like when she thinks I've been brusing her long enough! Believe me, I know when to quit!

Has anyone else found this to be true? Peaches seems to know when I need a little extra loving care. For example, last night I was very upset about a situation that has turned my life upside down and I had been crying for hours. When I went to bed she came in my room, laid on me between my chest and belly and slept there all night. I'd wake up a bit in the middle of the night and didn't want to move because then Peaches would move! She never sleeps with me all night. Usually she'll come in and lay on my bed for an hour or two and then she goes back out to her little spot on top of the chest freezer in the kitchen. I think she likes that spot because it is at window level and that window is most often open. Plus, in the morning the birds chirp outside that window! Anyway, Peaches seems to be an excellent comforter!

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Yes, Tammie, I have found the same thing. My kitty Ophelia is especially empathic, she knows when we are sick or sad, and she's our little nurse. She's generally not terribly lovey, but if you are sick or depressed, she will snuggle you all day long.
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