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I have a 2 yr male cat. Today, he was walking down the hallway, then started crying out, back leg was drawing up. He was turning his head over his shoulder. Rubbing his head on the ground. Crying out the whole time. This lasted about a minute. I know this is hard to explain. He has done this 3-4 times in the past 2-3 months. Never as bad as it was today. He is fine now. Any suggestions?
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I suggest a vet visit to rule out any big issues... having said that I took my Kandie to the vet s on three occasions for seizures and the only thing I was told was I could go spend a few thousand dollars at the not so local vet school and likely not get a true diagnosis... In her case she threw one big seizure a yr from age 13 on
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A couple of years ago Mickey had a small seizure, his bowels released, and he was very lethargic. Turns out his blood count was EXTREMELY low due to a bacterial infection whose name escapes me, but he probably got it from eating a mouse outside. First they thought he had an auto immune disease. Steroids and heavy duty antibiotics cured him.

Definitely talk to a vet...
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Neffie has seizures. I never knew that until one day we were playing and when she stopped, she started to convulse. Luckily I am epileptic and knew what was happening even though I am never aware of my seizures.
She's had 5 total since we've had her(about 3 years now) and everytime I talk to the doctor about her he says she's ok(did complete workup each time) and if I want, he'll put her on meds, but I never opted for that because her seizures are so few and far between. I just watch her and if she's having one, I shield her from the other cats, and talk softly to her until she comes out of it.
It only last less then a minute but enough time for the others to think she's playing.. When she's done having it, she gets up and walks off like nothing happened.
My advice, talk to your doctor and see what they have to say about it. It might be a once in a lifetime thing, or it may have happened for a reason.
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