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Cat pooping not in her box

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This is a question about my Mom's cat Lucy.

She just turned 16 in April and she has started pooping all over there house. She pretty much just poops where ever she feels like it. They have a box that is cleaned out 2x a day and gets fresh litter every 3 weeks. I suggested to get one more box to see if this helps. Any other ideas of how to stop it or what might be causing the problem?
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Vet check, full exam, senior blood panel - if they haven't been done already.

Has she changed the location of the boxes, litter, or anything else a cat might have issue with?

It could be that her eyesight is going, that she is not able to get into the box (maybe use a low sided one without a lid), or many other things.
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The box is in the same place and they use the same litter that they have for like the past 10 years.

I called her and told her to take her to the vet. She said she will get on it asap.

Is there anything she can do in the mean time?
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If she was going in a few places, I'd suggest putting litter pans there. Is she cleaning the area with an enzymatic cleaner?
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Not sure, their entire house is tile floor. She is peeing in the box just not pooping. Even on tile do you need an enzymatic cleaner?
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I don't have tile, so I don't know. At least make sure she's washing the floor thoroughly with soap. Is her poop "normal" - or is it loose or really hard? (Gross question, I know!) If it's not "normal", that could be indicative of a health problem.
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It is normal poo. Mom thinks she is just doing it to be spiteful. Mom called her vet yesterday to make an apt. so hopefully everything is okay health wise.
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No, they don't do it to be spiteful - they're definitely trying to tell us something. I agree, at her age, vet check ASAP, telling him/her all about it, and possibly adding more boxes, and maybe try either Cat Attract or Cat Attract Senior (a more crystal like litter, but very fine and sandy in texture). She really might not be able to get to the box as fast as she used to. I'd try a couple of different boxes as well, maybe one with lower sides.

Good luck - I know it's tough when it suddenly starts happening and you can't figure out how to fix it asap.
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Oh ya I forgot about Cat Attract. Thanks I will suggest that. Mom is just getting really frustrated. I wish I lived closer too home so I could help out with more then just advice.
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