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three is a charm?

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How many of you have 3 cats? I have considered adding a 3rd off and on since I got the first one.
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I have 3..... whether or not I keep all 3, I don't know. That depends on my husband. 1 is here for life. The kittens, I need to do some heavy convincing to my hubby, but if it were solely my choice, I would probally have more than 3

But there is absolutely NO WAY DH would ever say yes to more than 3 permanent ones. I highly doubt he'd let me foster either.
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I have 9 cats, pretty much all but 2 found me. 2 sets were litters that I found in my back yard. I couldn't find homes for them, and wouldn't bring them to a shelter so I got attached to them and kept them. The youngest is 2 years old and the oldest is 11. Little squabbles here and there but we are one big happy family.
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Coming from the most paranoid individual you will ever meet, who is perpetually afraid of upsetting the applecart...go for 3!!

If you really want a third, available room and finances need be your only obstacles (SO's and spouses can easily be given the boot). Kitty issues amongst each other seem to most always work themselves out.
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I have three cats too, and adding the third was teh best thing I could have done for the dynamics in the house since my two boys have such diffrrent personalities and enrgy levesl, bringing in the female kitten seems to have cut back their spats tremendously!
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I would go for it.
I have 5 cats and the oldest is 17.
The youngest is 10 months.
Meeko will be 9 June 11th.
I will be getting another sphynx when I find a good show quality kitten and that will be it.
The most cats we ever had was 10.
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I have three. If I could do it all over again, I'm not sure I would have added Lola to the mix. Don't get me wrong....I love her to pieces. Cleo is the alpha cat, but Lola wants to be, so she picks on Cleo and Maggie unmercifully. Before getting Lola, I had a hard time keeping Cleo's weight up. Now Cleo needs to go on a diet, because of "Third Cat Syndrome." She constantly protects the food dish as a way to maintain her place as alpha cat. Maggie is a timid cat, and Lola bullies her over, sleeping spots, litter boxes....I just have to make sure there's enough of each so that there aren't 'issues' because of the bullying. In the last year or so, they have finally begun to accept each other. I actually got a picture of all three of them sleeping on my bed together!!! I've had Lola for about 5.5 years now, so it certainly took a while.
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I have 4 and would not trade one of them for the world. The only thing I've been thinking a lot about lately is that when it comes to vet care sometimes I have to make compramises I might not make if I had only1 or 2. For example Jordan has his hematoma. It probably bothers me more than it does him, but I couldn't afford the $500 to have it removed & since my job is questionable he is just going to look a little funny the rest of his life. Not the end of the world, but I do wish I had been able to fix it. My advice is to look at what you can care for based on space & money.
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We went back up to 3 cats last fall. It was not on purpose, she started hanging around our back patio (all cute and black and fluffy). We couldn't leave her out in the woods behind our townhouse/apartment. She was injured and very underweight and I was so sad missing my black cat Raven.

We're holding at 3 until we go back down to 2 (which will hopefully be many years from now).

Back when we added Stimpy, he was the 3rd cat. The dynamics changed a little, but everyone got along. Lola is the only kitten I adopted, all of my others were adults so we knew the personalities going in.
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I have three, but only two live with me now. Katina lives with my in-laws, as she became happier as an only cat after dealing with Nero

My parents have three as well.
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I have three cats, Shark, Arwen and Brandy.
Brandy is the eldest out of them all, and Shark and Arwen are sisters.
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I have three, and I wouldn't want to change it! When one of them are in a bad mood, the other two have each other and don't have to occupy themselves.
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I have three cats as well.

Sassy who will be 18 in August,
Linus who just turned 4
Pixie I think is about 6 I think.

For many years I just had two cats, Sassy and his litter mate, Flip. I lost Flip to kidney failure in March 2007. It became quickly clear that Sassy did not like being an only cat so Linus came to live with us a few days after I lost Flip. Sassy and he loved each other right from the start.
Pixie wasn't a planned kitty. The local Animal Shelter unfortunately had to close it's door and a month before they had an adoption drive, phoning all the people who had adopted from them over the years to see if they had room for another pet. I had room so adopted Pixie in Nov 2007. She fit right in from the beginning as well.
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I've got three!! Amadeus and Symphony are brother and sister and a couple of weeks a go I added Nefertiti to the group. Nefertiti really completes us, shes the diva of the family by far and loves to sit and preen herself on my lap where as Amadeus and Symphony prefer to be more occupied with one another.

I think three is a great number
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We were *supposed* to stop at 3. We really just wanted a kitty that would play with Trent, because Ophelia had no interest in playing. Enter Ginger Cookie. But then my husband fell in love at Petsmart, and since I got *my* new kitty, he needed to adopt his new love. Enter Mojo. Then I rescued a tiny little anemic, dirty, skinny kitty from the middle of a National Forest. By the time she would have been healthy enough to adopt out, that wasn't really a possibility. That was Annie. And now we're DONE. 4 of the 5 get along pretty well. Ophelia hates everyone, but just recently she's decided she doesn't really like her self-imposed sequestering so much. It's only taken a year since Annie came home.
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For the time being I also have three... Lucky and Bugsy are my permanent ones, and Hope is my little foster girl... If I don't find her a wonderful parent, she will stay here. I am unemployed now, and I really can't afford vet fees, so she is only staying if I get a job soon .
The three of them are great together, and it's great, since Hope has a LOT of energy... When she exhausts Lucky, Bugsy is next on the line to play. It works out perfectly!!
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I have three as well. The first two are from the same litter, so they are very close, but they accepted the new guy after a few weeks. It probably helped that they were all young (about two years old when we introduced number three).
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they do say three is the charm! Go for it!
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I have 3 plus 6
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I have three, seems perfect.
The senior cat rules over the other two and the other two are the bestest of buddies and annoy each other instead of Spaz.
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I only had two cats, Katie and Gracie, for many years, then fell in love with and adorable, yet very timid, 6-month-old gray/white male kitten that no one else seemed to want. Enter Peter. Although he drove my older girls nuts, they accepted him without too much fuss. What really surprised me was how quickly Katie took to Pete, despite an 11-year age difference. Gracie's still not thrilled with him (but she's not thrilled with other cats period), but they definitely have a "big sister, little brother" kind of relationship. I would have happily left it at three cats, but when Claire (who's Pete's littermate) lost her owner unexpectedly, adopting her was absolutely the right decision. She and Pete were happily reunited and are so sweet together.
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3 is the number for me!

Fiona was my first and is the witchy girl that keeps my two boys in line. She was lonely (no one to lord it over ) so i got ReeRee, telling my reluctant roomate it was for Fiona when it was a great excuse for me to have another kitt.

They were content but I wanted another. I needed my love bug, my lap cat. Rocko was 9 years old and needed a lap. My roommate at this point new resistance was futile. He was a great match because he had contact with other cats at the shelter and they said he was super mellow. My other two are high strung so he was a perfect compliment. He enjoys their company but really loves his person (me!)

3 are so much fun because the dynamics really change and everyday something interesting is going on.
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I'm a bit strange - I have OCPD (a bit different than OCD), I don't like odd numbers. So I had to get 2 more to add to my 2! So far 3 are getting along fine, but the older girl is warming up.

I'm sure that with time 3 will be a blessing!
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