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Need help with our cats!

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I moved into a new apartment with a friend of mine. I have two female cats, she has one male who's still pretty young. My cats stay in my room most of the time and keep away from the male's food and litter box. But he keeps wanting to come into my room and use their litter box and eat their food. He barely touches his own.

I've told my roommate it's because he doesn't feel safe in her room and that she needs to get him a cat house or something to hide in and feel secure. He also likes to hide under my bed since he can't hide under my roommate's - she has a blow up mattress.

Please help, he's putting my little girls under a lot of stress by invading their space and it's making getting used to him that much harder. What can I do to show him where he needs to eat and do his business? I don't want to keep him locked in her room all the time, but that's starting to seem what I have to do to keep him out of mine.
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Can anyone help me?
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He doesn't know which litterbox & food is his, he's a cat. He will eat and toilet where he feels most comfortable. Is it upsetting your girls?

ETA: Don't tell him off for using the girls litterbox, because then he may stop using a litterbox at all and start going somewhere else. To me it's not a problem can't you just scoop extra or put the litter trays in a central area perhaps?
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Why not give your roomiea housewarming gift of a cat condo. If money is an issue, I see very inexpensive ones on Craig's List. Most people do not like to be told how to improve parenting for a child or a furry one. You need to show your room mate and help her out. Good luck
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You can use a packing box, turn it upside down and cut out a little hole for him to use as a hiding spot. I would think that if it's okay with both you and your roommate, you could introduce the groups to each other and eventually (maybe) have a big happy family. I bet the little guy is lonely and looking for companionship with you and your girls.
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You haven't mentioned how your cats are reacting to this. You said he was 'putting them under stress', but unless we know specifically how they are reacting we can't tell if that is their reaction or your projection.

They are all, I presume, neutered? If not, why not?
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Clarence is making my girls jumpy and preventing them from getting to their litterbox and food when he wants to use it. He's always hanging out in my room so my girls can't even get away when they want to be alone to do their own thing. They just don't like him, and I'm not very fond of him either. He's sweet but incredibly annoying.

I'm now starting to think it's not that Clarence is frightened and insecure, because he doesn't seem to be afraid of anything. He doesn't run and hide when we have company, and my getting on to him doesn't faze him a bit. I don't know if he just likes being around other cats because his last home was full of them, or what. But I'm not too fond of him. He's loud and he gets into everything, while my girls are quiet and keep to themselves. He also tries to pick fights with them and play when they just want to be left alone. I hate it that my girls can't get a moments piece when he's around.

I don't want to end up taking care of another cat that's not mine. It's only fair that my roommate gets to keep her cat like me, but I don't want to be responsible for him when he tears stuff up. I just wish he knew that he has his own space, and the girls have theirs.

And yes, all the cats are fixed and their front paws are declawed.
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Originally Posted by FuzzyWolf2006 View Post
I just wish he knew that he has his own space, and the girls have theirs.

That's not going to happen - trust me.

Unless of course you keep doors shut.
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