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important semi-emergency for a friend

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long story short - her eldest cat is dying of CRF. He wasn't supposed to last until Saturday. He's still fighting. She also has a female bengal rescue that is being a really big )(#$*& to the sick cat. She is being aggressive towards him (has been for a while now because he's been sick for a while) and the owner is trying everything she can think of to calm her. Feliway, play time, separation - the bengal is starting to lick her fur off her legs - something she had recently stopped doing.

What can I tell her that may help her situation? She's under a lot of stress due to her eldest cat dying and she is also stressing over her bengal - - - -

It's Jake, from Jake and may remember me posting about Micah suddenly passing last fall from an undetected heart condition....
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Help the old friend cross the bridge?

This is the usual in such cases in most countries, so it would be here also "two flies at once".

(CRF is Chronic renal failure, ie the kidneys dont working any more? )

Edit. I have friends where I followed a similiar tragedy. Them hoping into the last, and thus - waiting way to late with the last help. The cat thus died by itself before the emergency vet arrived home to them.
But there the dying cat was at least accompanied by her cat pals, laying together with her and giving her warmth and peace into the last moments.
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yes, she's letting the sick cat let her 'know' when he's done fighting then she'll help him cross but in the mean time - she's worried about that other cat.

yes to the CRF
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In the question, what to do with a sick cat and a hostile other cat, I would say the same as is already done: separation and Feliway + giving the second cat enough to do: toy / playing / climbing, soft music, TV on...
If this is not enough - try to replace the cat is definitely coming into account, at least for the time being.

In this situation here now, the question is purely academical.

My advice is to let the sick cat go, it is high time for it. Im very sorry for it, but so it is.

Let him go, it is more then high time.
Let him rest in peace.
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We had that issue with Stimpy being aggressive to Raven in the months before we passed. When we were in the 1-bedroom apartment it was really bad. We split the cats up while we were gone--Raven spent every other day with Nabu (his brother). We were so worried Raven would get really hurt while we weren't home. He got very frail in his last 3 months.

When we moved back to Wisconsin, about a month and a half before Raven went to the Bridge, we got a 2-story, 2-bedroom townhouse. That really seemed to help - the space. There was still some aggression, but not on the level it was in our small apartment.

I also recommend some Rescue Remedy in the water and Feliway (either diffusers or spray bottles).

I hope that helps.

Edit: My vet in Iowa told me that there wasn't anything we could really do to get Stimpy to chill out. He sensed Raven was sick, and that was the cause of the aggression. She said it was something that just sometimes happens when 1 pet is terminally ill.
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I thank you both for your thoughtful responses, I have forwarded all of our thoughts and it's up to her to decided. I have a feeling though that Jakey's time has come and she really is having a hard time admitting it - I would too.
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I have a 17 year old CRF cat.
Do you know what treatments she has been doing?
Do you know the cats lst blood tests results?
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he's 14, his BUN and creatine levels are 'through' the roof and supposedly at the levels he's at now, he shouldn't even be able to urinate - He's on daily SubQs etc etc......if it helps to have more info - here's her blog most are tagged 'just jake' and if you want her personal email just PM me........
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hey all - Jake is getting better slowly, I don't think he'll ever be 'normal' again - but he's eating at least and using the litter box.
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Thanks I just read her blog.
There are treatments alot of people do not now about.
The blog is sos ad and made me tear up.
I see they found out he had CFR on Oct 3rd.
I found out Coco had it Sept 26/27 at the ER vet.
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IMO she should keep them separated and give both undivided and individual attention. I'm sorry about the older kitty. Hopefully he will go peacefully soon.
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I think things are working out 'better' now.
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