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QOTD: Tues. June 9 2009

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Good morning folks....

Today's question has to do with something I read in someone else's post and it seems to be the season for it.

It's about the sun

Do you wear sunscreen and do you tan??????
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Yes, I wear sunscreen. I have pretty light skin so I've always worn it or covered up in the summer. I blistered once and decided that was more than enough.

No tanning for me. A) I never really saw the point. If I'm outside, I'm going to be ding some acivity B)There's too much proof that it's bad for you for me to think it's worthwhile C) I don't tan anyway. I burn, then the burn goes away in a day or so and I'm just as light as before. All in all, it just sems to be far more trouble than it's worth to me.
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I rarely wear sunscreen, because if I do, I dont tan! And when it comes to tanning, usually I'll have to get a slight sunburn first before a tan will stick!
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I do wear sunscreen when I am out. I have skin that tans very easily though so I generally do have a bit of a tan during the summer months even with wearing the sunscreen.
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I never will go to a tanning salon-its just a dumb move to damage ones skin for the sake of temporarily looking good.

I carry sunscreen with me on my jobs and spray my face (as well as wearing a big hat) and other exposed areas.

My twin tanned alot when we were younger and you can see the difference in our skin condition.
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Sunscreen is a must out here.
I prefer my slug white complexion
Skin cancer runs in my family, so even if I wasn't tattooed I'd be wearing my SPF 50
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I wear sunscreen if I am going to be outside, which is not very often. I don't tan though. If I get a really bad sunburn, I will end up being a little bit tanned after.

I want to go tanning before my wedding because I am really white. I probably wont though and will just get a spray tan.
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Nope, I don't use sunscreen, I don't tan either. I'm not really an outdoors kind of girl anyway.
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I used to love to tan. I even purchased my own tanning bed. My mother had vitiligo when she was in her teens. Mine started when I turned 40, but it is a fast moving type, and I'm nearly as depigmented as my mom is.....what took her 60 years, took me only 10. My tanning bed makes a nice table to store stuff on...I've tried several times to sell it (it's like brand new.) I usually wear long sleeves/long pants year round (I'm pretty selfconscious about it.) If I'm working in the garden, I wear total sunblock, because the depigmented areas burn very easily....the normal skin tans very easily, and then I just look like hell.
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I used to tan (tanning bed) and I do tan very nicely, but I don't do it anymore. Too much worry about skin cancer. I don't wear sunblock because frankly, I hate the sun and I avoid it as much as possible! I also hate hot weather so I try not to be out of my air conditioning
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I only tan on vacation. If I know I will be outside for a long time I will were sunscreen. I just hate feeling greasy and smelly.
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I never used to wear sunscreen... I can remember a bad burn once where I ended up with blisters

About 5yrs ago, when I started helping out on the in-laws farm, I started putting sunscreen on my upper half... like neck, and shoulders... I normally wear tank tops with thin straps thru the warm weather, and working out on the farm, picking stone for 8-10hrs, is a recipe for a painful sunburn...

About 3yrs ago is when I started getting extensive tattoo work done... I have alot of money invested in my tattoos... I put sunscreen on them everytime I'm going to be out for longer than 20mins.

I do tan (not at a salon, and not as in laying outside in the sun) after one slight burn naturally because I do spend alot of time outside, and don't always reapply the sunscreen except on my tattoos.

But I think as I've gotten older, I've also gotten more respect for the sun and the damage it can cause.... If I can prevent a cancer, I would like to do so.
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I can tan a little, but not very much. In general, I try to avoid spending much time in the direct sun. I really don't like the smell and feel of sunscreen, so I do avoid places like the beach unless there's a big beach umbrella involved. When I do have to get out in the sun for a while I always try to wear sunscreen because I know that I burn pretty quickly.
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I'm a really fair-skinned redhead. I don't tan even if I try. I pretty much go from white to pink to white again. So, yes, I usually wear sunscreen. Might as well avoid the wrinkles and cancer if I can't tan anyway.
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I don't really sit in the sun, but yes i do wear it still, and so does Sophie
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Sunscreen is a must in our climate. 110+ in the summer here. I have really fair skin so I just burn anyway. I just don't want to risk skin cancer, it's an ugly way to go.
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I have very fair skin so I burn. I don't respond well to the sun anyway, it makes me sick to my stomach for some reason. So I avoid it especially when it is the hot summer sun. So, no tan for me! I have an SPF in my facial moisturizer but don't worry about my body. I'm just not out in the sun enough to justify slathering my body with SPF everyday.
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As a kid, when I was out in the sun all day everyday all summer, I eventually tanned after a couple of burns. In those days nobody knew about sunblock -- and those who sunbathed slathered themselves with baby oil.

I prefer not to be in the sun these days, and certainly not to that extent, but I do use sunscreen if I can't avoid exposure.
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47 View Post
In those days nobody knew about sunblock -- and those who sunbathed slathered themselves with baby oil.

My sister and I used to call it "The backyard baby oil BBQ!"
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I have super sensitive skin and am yet to find a sunblock that will not cause a reaction. I have foundation that is spf15 that I put on if I am going to be in the sun. I tan, sort-of. It is really hard for me to get a tan and keep it and I have to burn first for it to turn into a tan.
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Originally Posted by Tara & Rob View Post
I rarely wear sunscreen, because if I do, I dont tan!
same feelings here my friend....
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i hate the sun. lol.

i have to wear sunglasses during any type of daylight when im outside. If im out in the sun for too long without a hat i will get sun-sick ( a real bad migraine and nausea ) now dont get me wrong i love a day at the beach but i have to wear sunscreen and maybe stay out for an hour and then go in the shade and rotate like that throughout the day.

Never had any desire to tan. im pale and i like it. and i really see no need for the fake tanning stuff, like how some women are obsessed that they need to be tan, i totally dont get that, but hey to each his own
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I am with you, cats4sky. I don't like the sun either, and went for years trying to avoid it as much as possible.
I am very pale and I like it that way, so I use spf 70 since I have to be outside all the time in my cab. I would rather drive nights, but DH thinks it is too dangerous for a woman to drive at night.
We lived in a house with a pool for 2 years, and I got heavily tanned then for some stupid reason. DH scolded me often since I am extensively tattooed and am normally so pale colors really pop in my skin. He said if I burned my color out, he would not fix it, but thankfully I did not do any damage.
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I have to wear sunscreen. I am very fair skinned and will burn in an instant! Also, my grandma died of skin cancer so I have to be sun smart.
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I have a bad complexion and skin cancer in my family, so I've been aware of sun damage for years. I've worn a moisturizer with SPF since my teenage years, but unfortunately when we were kids we were out all day in the sun getting burned and brown. So I have sun damage. I'm outside all day, so I always wear a hat, sunglasses (have to even in winter with my sensitive eyes) and sunblock. I do however tan easily and will always go brown as I can't be constantly reapplying the sunscreen!
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I don't wear sunscreen unless I plan to be out in full sun for extended periods of time.

I do tan, but I need to burn first. Usually once I tan, though, I don't need sunscreen b/c I tend to not burn after that.
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I wear moisturizer with sunscreen everyday, in the summer I put it on my arms and neck to. I am very fair and burn easily.
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I don't care about a tan - yes it would be nice to be brown but my health is SO much more important then looking good. I wear sun screen

I never used to though and used to get burnt to a crisp - let's hope that this didn't affect me.
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When I am working, it is outside from sunrise to sunset and I have to use sunblock 70, even then I get a major farmers tan! I do what I love, work outdoors with plants and garden design, and I know I will probably pay the price when it comes to sun damage eventually........
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats View Post
I don't care about a tan - yes it would be nice to be brown but my health is SO much more important then looking good. I wear sun screen
I wear sunscreen everyday, it's just part of my routine.
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