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Bitten by kitten--what do I do?

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So one of Ginger's kittens stepped in its poo last night so I decided to offer some help and wash that paw. I brought her inside and turned on the sink and lets say that she freaked out. She proceeded to bite my forefinger multiple times--drawing blood. Should I see a doctor? I immediately washed it with soap and water and cleaned it with peroxide and now have antibiotic cream and a bandaid on it. It definitely hurts this morning.

I didn't think the bath would be an issue as last week Sage got one and just laid in my hand for it.

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How does the wound look? When my bite got infected last year, my hand was VERY swollen and there was pus in the actual puncture wounds.
Is the kitten grooming itself yet? If not, your chances of infection are lower. But cats have filthy mouths, and their bites frequently lead to infection.
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Keep in mind, I am not a Dr. and if in doubt, contact one.

When I got bit by my neighbours fullgrown cat, it was a deep puncture wound in my forearm which proceeded to swell substantially. I called telehealth (something we have in ON. to save on non-emerg visits to the emerg room) and what they said was that if it showed any signs of infection (oozing, more pain, etc) or I got a fever, or extreme tiredness, then to go in.

In the meantime, just keep an eye on it and keep it clean.

That's what I was told, and that's what I did. My swelling and redness went down in 3 days or so....(the would was as deep as an adult cats tooth is long)
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I just got bitten by one of our rescue cats Friday. I did all the right things and a nasty infection set in anyway. They can develop within 12 hours. I would not tarry-- get to your doctor or to an urgent care and get some antibiotics!!!!! Even if it is a preventative dose. B/C the cat's tooth is long and sharp, it's like it injects the bacteria into the tissue - so even if you let it bleed to cleanse it and then clean and treat it... the likelihood of an infection is high.

Kittens also have a higher concentration of Bartonella henselae - the bacteria that causes cat scratch fever.
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Well it looks okay right now--I've been worried all day. This couldn't have happened at a worse time, I have to leave work early Thursday to take a turtle to the vet for surgery, I'm working overtime the next 3 days for work. Hubby wants to check it again tonight and in the morning and go from there.

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Good to hear!
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