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Wedding guest kick their cat....

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I went to my best friends son's wedding tonight. I say a child kick the brides cat. Noone said a thing to this child. It made me so mad My Hubby told me not to get on this childs case and ruin their wedding.

But good lord what about that poor cat? I did go and talk to the Bride's mother to let her know that this child need to be talked too about the incident my her parents.

Sorry to vent but it just made me so mad
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I was watching Judge Judy the other day, and the case was this little boy who had been petting a kitten and the kitten bit him so the little boy flung him away. The kitten was flung off the stairwell and broke his leg in 5 places. Kids need to learn to respect animals and care for them accordingly!
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What was Judge Judy's ruling on that case MA? That's just horrible!!!

And it's equally horrible what you saw at that wedding. I would have talked to the child, like it or not. You can confront a child without yelling at it or hitting. Just ask it "Why did you kick that kitty? Don't you know that hurts the kitty? Would you like to be kicked like that?" Obviously the parents aren't teaching the child to respect a life, or even just the property of another person.
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i would have been soooooooo mad!!! If someone kicked my cat I don't know what I would do! they are my babies!!
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Judge Judy said it was an accident and ruled against the person who was suing his parents for the vet bills.
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What I thought was strange about that Teresa was the owner had the kitten for a full day before she said she *noticed* the kitten limping? If it was my kitten I would of noticed the limp right away- something did not jive in me the day I watched that case.
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Poor kitty! I think I would have said something. Darn kids with no respect for living things. Someone should kick them. Or their parents.

OK, I'm done now.
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This reminds me of what I saw about three weeks ago.

My neighbour's kittens were roaming around doing their usual things. From my balcony I saw a boy of at least 10 years chase one of the kittens and kick it repeatedly. Now, I would have said something but one other neighbour who saw this also approached the boy who was sitting on an old wheelchair resting and kicked the wheelchair hard and yelled, "YOU DON'T LIKE IT WHEN IT HAPPENS TO YOU, DO YOU?". Boy whimpers, "no". Neighbour yells, "THEN DON'T DO IT TO THE KITTEN." and walks off and picks up the kitten comforting her.

Now I don't condone violence, but I have to say that I felt good seeing it.

And the wheelchair isn't used by anyone with a disability.
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OK, now reading that did make me feel better. I don't condone violence, either, but as long as the kid wasn't hurt, I'd say it's good to give him a little scare, after what he did.
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These are reasons why my kittens are indoor animals, and all visitors are screened with background checks :P
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I don't have any friends or relatives, who would hurt a pet and anyone who DID hurt one of my pets would be shown the door and none too gently!
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A few weeks ago, I was at a little out-of-the-way restaurant. They have an outside deck that sits above what is, essentially, a swamp area. Gators swim in this river area that comes right up to the deck. While we were finishing our meal, the kid at the next table was taking great delight in scooping ice cubes out of the glasses and throwing them at an alligator in the water. Now granted, an ice cube is not going to hurt a gator, but I got really annoyed by the lack of respect for a living creature. I kind of shot a drity look at the parents, who let it go on. Finally, I had to just leave the table, or else I would have said something and started a scene.

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This type of thing really bothers me. Kids seem to think cats are play toys and not animals with feelings. This is most likely why my cat Zoey is aggressive when playing and bites my hands. She was raised around kids. Who knows what kinds of things she endured.
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I was at the Santa Barbara Zoo a long time back and there was this lion in his cage, and this kid had a stick and he kept poking at the lion! The kid was a bully lookin tough guy and seemed to delight in teasing this poor cat! But the Lion decided it was enough teasing and he lifted his leg and aimed- BAM! All over the kid's head! I Loved it! Animal Justice via a golden shower!
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OMG! I just about fell outta my chair reading that! Served the kid right though! I guess it literally pi$$ed him off!
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Ha Ha
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