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We had to laugh the other morning. We got up late, as usual for the weekend. Trent was being whiney for us to get up, which is also usual for the weekend. We don't feed them in the morning, he just doesn't like the routine to be too far off. So we got up and got dressed and went downstairs. Trent had to have us follow him. It was really important! Usually when he does this to me in the morning, it's because Daddy forgot to check the food bowls downstairs and they are close to empty (Oh the kitty HORROR! There may be full bowls not 15' from those bowls, but these are empty )

But this time it wasn't the food bowls. The fountain wasn't gurgling. But...one of the girls had pryed open the dishwasher and the door was wide open! They aren't supposed to do that. He just needed to let us know that someone had been naughty and it wasn't him. Or that something was out of place in his world and we needed to fix it. Could have been either one, or maybe a little of both.

Silly boy!
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That is too funny! Never a dull moment with kitties.
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Obviously it was Mojo. Isn't she to blame for everything?
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Actually, we're thinking it was one of The Calicos. They're much more coordinated than Mojo when it comes to getting into and onto things they aren't supposed to and not destroying it in the process. They're more like Mungojerrie and Rumpleteaser. Mojo has the coordination of a Puppy Cat.
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