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sick kitten

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Our little kittens are the same age. They were both playing and fiesty yesterday. We barbequed steak on the grill last night and gave them both a tiny piece (there was salt, pepper, garlic on while cooking). Today, one of them is fine but the other one (who was the
fiestiest of the two)is acting very weak, won't eat, won't drink much (has drank a little). He purrs when we pet or try to hold him. We have a fan on him now. The Vet isn't open today. Any ideas? We have raised these kittens because their mom was killed.
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How old is this kitten and how much does it weigh? any idea?

Hold on! I just looked in my book and if I were you I would take this kitten into the ER clinic NOW. With some of the young animals garlic can cause hemolytic anemia- the symptoms are as you described, the outcome if untreated is bad......Please Call an ER Vet!
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Thanks for the reply---the kittens are 11 weeks old and weigh about 2 pounds. Should we take both in? the other one is acting fine---would this not effect both? Thanks so much for your help.
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I would take them both in were it me- but then I always err to the side of caution.
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OH NO! Hope you're able to get a hold of a vet tonight or even take him to a ER vet clinic.
Poor lil guy..Hope he's ok!
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thanks for your help, both of you. I'm getting off so we can try to get a vet. thanks again.
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Sonny how is kitty?
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