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6 months :o

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6 months ago this last weekend, I first saw my squishy feline love in a little cage at the humane society.

Words cannot describe what this cat means to me. Every time I see her, my heart lightens and I smile.

I love you Squeaky *big kiss from your mommy*

My favorite picture of her first day home (that I know I've posted before, but who could resist such cute kitty tocks)

And making herself right at home. She's been OCD with her grooming right from the start:

And some more recent pictures of HRH:

playing with one of her gotcha day presents, a kong kickaroo:

and belly shots! I love her belly, but alas, she's not a belly rub cat

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awwwwwwwww she is a cutie. I love the picture of her with the remote in her lap.
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Is she a mischievous sort with funny mannerisms? My friend and I have orange tabbies, and we just refer to them with a generic catch-all of "Oranges", because they seem to have such peculiar traits exclusive to them.
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Originally Posted by rahma View Post

Go ahead, jus try to take the remote, I dare YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 6mos gotcha day Squeaky.
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What a face!! No wonder you feel in love!
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She looks gorgeous, love the last picture lol.
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Happy 1/2 year anniversary, Squeaky and Meowmy!!! You can totally tell what a joy she is from your pics
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Happy half-year anniversary, Squeaky! What a doll you are. In that pic with the remote, all she needs is a beer in her outstretched paw.
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She is beautiful! Happy 6 month Gotcha Day!

I thought most orange cats were males, and it seems we have a lot of female orange cats here on TCS?
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Originally Posted by rahma View Post
QUIET! I'm watching my soaps!!!

Such a cute little girl! Happy 6 mos gotcha day!
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