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Daily Thread Mon June 8th

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Morning peeps! 19 more sleeps!

It's going to be sunny today but not too hot..just warm. Gotta wear pants I pearlies showing today.

Had a wonderful weekend filled with friends and family..bridal shower came and went and it was very nice! We had a BBQ at a friends last night and that was nice too!

Tonight I am getting my eyebrows waxed. My last appointment got cancelled. Maybe go rollerblading tonight too..who knows!

Anyway, have a good one folks!
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Good morning peeps

I seem to be groggier than normal this morning *yawn*.

Nothing much to do today...

I was going to feed snakes yesterday but never got to it, so now I have a fridge full of rodents to deal with Great mental image: open fridge, look thru shelves, human food, human food, bin full of rodents, human food.

I"ll pick away at it during the day, but I do need to wait for my daughter to help.... Last time I did it on my own, I was out of commission for a couple days

Weather is kinda dreary...hasnt rained yet, but supposed to rain all day.

Have a great day folks.
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I'm at work early this morning trying to play catch-up. My computer died on me Friday and I lost about half a day's worth of edits on a couple of papers that I have to submit by tomorrow. I don't think any data was actually 'lost' because the hard drive was fine, but until they put it in another computer I can't get to any of it. Luckily, I have some old copies of the papers in my e-mail and I have another computer I can use, so I'll be working from there today while the IT lady gets my new (or slightly less used) computer set up.

I have class tonight, so I'll take off at around 2, hit the gym for an hour or so, and try to get home in time to feed the cats, get showered, and make dinner before class starts at 5. It's online fortunately, so I don't have to actually go anywhere, but I do have to sit in front of my computer and watch it for 2 hours. After that, probably some homework and then maybe an hour or so of TV if I'm not too tired.
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Cold grey day here. Where is this summer already? We get one day of sunshine, then 6 of grey.
Oh well, off to work soon.
Have a good day everyone!
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Hello All!!

A grey day here as well. Another 3/4" of rain with about another 1/2" or so still on its way. Add that to the one inch from Saturday. Cool temps continue too-only a high of 58F today. Then upper 60's for the rest of the week. At least the plants look good and the grass seed with planted in spots is coming in pretty well.

Have to go to post office before work. Dad forgot his glasses and I'm mailing them back.
Then to pick up some metal paint for the patio chairs. The bank after work too.

I get to put the first coat of color on the chairs though-thats exciting to get them looking good again instead of rusty, flaking paint!

Bender continues to wake us early (grrr....) and is in a very rip roaring playful mood to the dismay of the other cats.

Have a good one.........
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Good Morning.
It's bright and sunny here but not for long. Looks like a wet week too. I miss the sun

DS has his 2nd ped appointment and today he gets his shots. I am a bit nervous how DH is going to respond to him crying (if he cries). Right now DS is sleeping & so are the kitties.

I woke up to piles of throw up in the kitchen, stairs and basement. I think some kitty (Cello) ate too much this morning. The boy doesn't know when to stop.

Mom is dealing with a kitty using the cat beds as a litter pan. I think she might be sick but as usual Mom is dragging that out. She has a box in her room and she cleaned it twice yesterday. I am not sure what gives but I already paid for two of her kitties this past year with no $ in return.

Have a great Monday everyone.
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Morning All

Dull and dreary here as well, not raining yet but looks like it could at anytime.

Have a few errands to run today, post office, pet store, and Walmart. I also want to stop by the farmer's market to pick up some vegetables they have both asparagus and broccoli on special this two favorites..

Afterwards it's going to be laundry and that will be about it for the day.

The kitties are good, it's garbage day so they are all lined up along the front window waiting for the garbage truck. It's a weekly ritual for them.

Everyone have a great day
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Morning, just barely.

I came into work 2 hours late due to being up since about 3AM being, well, I think I could go so far as to say violently ill. Seems last night's dinner might not have agreed with me for some reason..

My bosses are in Chicago for a conference so it's just me in the office til I leave for a conference in Vegas tomorrow afternoon!

After work tonight I've got to do laundry and packing, was going to make a nice dinner but I'm not feeling like thinking about food now. So BF will have to fend for himself.

Have a good day everyone!
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Good's 10.30AM Tuesday here and I'm still waking up!

I'm working on a presentation with one of my groups today that is to be presented this afternoon and today is my last official day of lectures/classes until July!

It's 2 weeks until exams though...

Tonight I've got work 6.30pm-11pm so just a short shift but tiring none the less.

Have a good day folks!
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My first official day of summer vacation! I can't believe I just finished my 3rd year of teaching. I went to a science workshop today to learn some new things since I will be teaching 2nd grade next school year (I have taught 4th grade for the last 3 years). Had a nice dinner with DH and played with Mittens & Watson.
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