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HHP exhibitors, anyone?

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Hi! I am new to this site! I have had cats all my life...just recently lost my last "kitten" (16 years old) and have just gotten a new first in as many years! She is a beautiful DSH white and red tabby with copper eyes, 3 months old, already spayed tested feleuk and FIV negative; I got her from a local rescue organization who did a super job socializing her whole litter! They were born in a rescue situation, so they've never known the streets. She is a wonderful, outgoing, very healthy, friendly and sweet kitten! That along with her beauty inspire me, after all these years, to give showing a try! I have been showing dogs for ten years; wow, cat showing is something altogether different! How neat that you can "show" regular DSH kitties, non-pedigreed kitties to titles of their own! I love it. I really hardly know where to begin, but I have perused all the usual registry sites..namely TICA, ACFA and CFA. There sure don't seem to be AS MANY cat shows as dog shows and I may be sadly limited to only 1-2 shows a year! I'd love to learn all about it here. Look forward to participating!
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My friend shows in HHP and her cat has won.
What do you need to know and what do you want to show in.
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I've shown both HHP (mixes) and purebred cats for more then 25 yrs. I can help you with show questions, etc.

Some things to keep in mind. (btw I show in CFA and ACFA, not TICA).

1. HHP's must be spayed/neutered if 8 months old older (get her done at 3-4 months so you don't have to worry about her).

2. They cannot be declawed - this is CFA only. Declawed can be shown in ACFA and TICA, but its not encouraged. They understand that sometimes declawed cats are adopted from shelters. CFA bans ALL declawed cats from being shown.

3. If longhair, you need to establish a grooming routine now while a kitten. HHP's need to be groomed, proper diet, and a friendly attitude to make a good show kitty. So have friends and family handle her a lot so she is used to being handled by "strangers".

Personally I'd get her in a show as soon as possible (shown from age 4 months and older) to get her used to things. Where are you located in the US - I can help find you shows to attend. You should try to go to a show just to visit and watch and learn before you put the cat in the show.
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Sorry to hear about your old "kitten"

Being outgoing and friendly should help your new kitten in the show ring Have you got any pics of her?

Hope the others can help you find more than 1-2 shows a year to attend, and second what GK said about going along to observe first.
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GK gve me great advice before I showed my sphynx in CFA.
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I used to take Luna to cat shows until she decided she had enough. I took Mons to one show before he passed away. Now TC is about to be in his first cat show. I hope he likes it because I think he has a great look.

Depending on where you live, you may be able to enter more than two per year. I prefer TICA honestly because they have lots of awards for household pets, but people here show in others.
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Part of my problem is that I have five dogs also and it is difficult to travel with all of them, so someone has to stay home sometimes, or we just travel by day if no more than 3 1/2 hours away or so. I more and more have to go to the dog shows alone or take a girlfriend with me and leave my husband home to take care of the rest of the dogs, which is a lot of work and not always fair to him. Plus I'd like him to be able to go with me to my first cat shows, just for the support. I really need to get a trustworthy dogsitter probably. But I want to do this!! Maybe there are more shows and some are closer than I think.
So, Gigi is 3 months old and has had all her shots (except rabies, which I'll do in the next couple of months) it a good idea to take her on several car trips in her carrier to the pet supply stores? Is it okay to let friendly strangers handle her (disease risk?)? My best friend unfortunately is allergic to cats; another has a hard time physically to get over to my house much, but I can find others. Maybe I could take her to work with me one day...lots of trustworthy people there. What else? I have started clicker training her; I have clipped her claws x 1 (today is her fifth day here), she handles VERY well so far...just don't want to mess anything up!!
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Originally Posted by missymotus View Post
Sorry to hear about your old "kitten"

Being outgoing and friendly should help your new kitten in the show ring Have you got any pics of her?

Hope the others can help you find more than 1-2 shows a year to attend, and second what GK said about going along to observe first.

Thanks Greta was an angel...truly... she was an orange kitty too. I have tons of pix of Gigi already I just have to find a place to store them, or make her a webpage, and then I will share!!!
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You can take her to pet stores and get her used to people.
Sorry about your other cat.
I would get her used to people asap.
I have the same problem as you when I show.
I only do shows within 3.5 hours of here because I have a cat with CRF and have to be home at night so she can get her bp meds.
See how many shows are close enough to you.
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I pm'd you re the Louiseville show
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