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I'm in a bad mood

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I had gotten back from the funeral this afternoon around 5:00, and as soon as I get home, Steve decides to leave and go out with friends for the evening...out on a boat or something....The 3 older kids when back over to MIL's for a few days, and we only have Elizabeth, but I was still ticked off because he just left like it was no problem....I swear, we never talk anymore and he is always doing his "fun stuff" with the buddies now....I get so sick of it...it is 8:33 and he still isn't home....I don't even want to talk to him anyway...I needed moral support I guess when he got here, but I didn't get it..My mom even asked if I went to the funeral, and thought it was weird that I went alone....that is the first time I ever went to a funeral alone....But that was my best friends momma why wouldn't I??? Gosh, it was so hard yall!
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Kathy sweetie, I'm sorry that you've had a crappy day. Isn't it your birthday too? Boy, I'd be pi$$ed if my hubby went out without me on my b-day. Why didn't he go to the funeral with you?

To be honest with ya Kathy, it sounds like you two need to sit down without the kids and put it all out on the table. Maybe he doesn't realize that the things he's doing is upsetting you and visa versa. Maybe it would help if just you two could take a long weekend together? I know that money is tight for you guys right now and I'm sure he's feeling that pressure too. How about asking him out for a date? Maybe this will rekindle things a bit for you two. Dates don't have to cost money...ask him if he'd like to go for a picnic. Bring your food & drink, go to a nice park or even a lake. Take in the surroundings, but mostly take in each other. To me it sounds like you two need some together time with out the hassle of the kids, friends, work and everything else.

I hope I'm not over stepping my boundaries by saying all of this. It's just some ideas that I thought might help. Please know that if you ever need to talk, vent or what ever, I'm here for ya.
Love ya girl!
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my birthday isn't until June 14th....Sherral posted that she goofed..It's alright though...thanks for the kind words....we have talked, counsled, done all of the above and nothing works....maybe it is just the results after coming from a funeral and we will see how tomorrow is...
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Sorry about the b-day thing...just seen the new thread.

Well, I really do wish you the best with your hubby. I don't know the entire situation, but I'm sure it'll work it's self out. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you!
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Kathy (((((HUGS))))) You've been through a very emotional thing, going to a funeral, but I know how it is to be able to rationally acknowedge things like that but that doesn't help how you feel. Having money problems is no fun either, I know. It all just adds stress to a relationship, and it's hard to get away from it for even a little bit. I think Shell's suggestion is good...plan a date so you can both realize why you fell in love and got married in the first place. It can even be a stay-at-home date, just make some time for you two, nothing else.
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((((HUGS)))) I'm so sorry you had such a bad day! I really hope you and hubby can work things out! We're all here for you at TCS, too!!
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It does sound like you had a really bad day. Kathy, Im joining the rest of the gang, saying "we're here for you"!! I hate to see you sad like that, and I wish there was something I could say or do that will make you feel better!
I just hope your husbad will be back soon, and that despite it all - he will sit with you, and give you the attention he should have gave you earlier today.
In the meantime - sending big {{{hugs}}}!

Oh, and I promise to sing "Happy Birthday" on your real Bday as well...
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Kathy, most of the time, men are totally clueless. You have to sit them down, with no distractions and MAKE them talk. If there is a game on TV or a NASCAR race or a shiny object to play with, forget getting their attention.

Try getting the kids out of the house, one night and cook a nice dinner. Unplug the TV, if you have to and confront him. It helps, if you write everything down, ahead of time. That way, you don't get emotional and forget half of it.

Good luck.
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