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Harley got a bath

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A very wonderful woman from Siamese Rescue (who can't sponsor Harley cause he's FIV+) came and gave Harley a BATH ,,,, eye popping to see!!

Harley was good, and now is snowy white n creamy blond and blue
eyed and fresh and clean!

He got his stiches out and this wonderful woman helped me
get photos for my flyer I'm doing on PetBond....

And NOW... ta da... Harley is UP FOR ADOPTION!

So, please all send me massive massive vibes please!!

I need this little abused boy to find the loving lap home
he deserves. He will likely need some more teeth out
later in life, but for the next few years he should be good.

I hope someone with no cat, and alot of love in their
hearts will see him and be smitten. I need to post him
on PetFinder under someone's auspices too.

That is good exposure also.... every little bit helps.

There is a small adoption fee to prevent and deter bunchers
and animal dealers and the like. But not huge and in
no way near the amts spend on Harley. I've put in 700 dollars
to this boy, and boy do I WANT to find him a home!! Badly!

I can't give him the loving care he needs ... he NEEDS people
to be around to sit on. LOL. And I have 3 that fill that purpose
who won't be happy to share, not to mention the dogs and BF!

so anyway, vibes all please. And pass on my email to any one
who is interested that YOU think is qualified. I COULD travel to
place him IF IF IF they come highly recommended and this
board helps out!

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Harley's got a blog! NO pics posted yet, but I will. Snorkel/Charlie will also be posted there...

the blog name is:


Its the story of my ferals and how I came to "find" Harley.
I'm also working on Snorkel/Charlie's story....

Both abandoned, one abused and one left behind when the
owners took the dog, but not the cat, and moved!!

Both FIV+ from their time out roaming intact and trying
so hard to survive.

Now health, mostly happy but definitely BOTH wanting ALL
my attention, LOL. And so, both needing HOMES....

And Snorkel/Charlie CANNOT stand my feral munchkin coon
rescue Baby Yum Yum. So he can't be up with my cats...

Harley on the other hand.. he's got no beef w/ feral
Yum Yum... he did act aggressive with my poor Frodo pi,
but Frodo pi is a Siamese Lynx point and not very aggressive
himself.... they'd probably get on okay!

But Snorkel is a true raised from kitten with human cat - he is fearless.
dogs, kids, noises he takes it all in stride and knows that his place is at the top o' da food chain, LOL.

Harley's abuse shows. He prefers it quiet. He likes women, and is
afraid of strangers and men. He LOOOOVES laps. (That's how I know
he ain't feral) and quickly purrs when petted. And he's not afraid
of the house noises like running water, toilets or laundry machines...

He plays a storm, and ferals never do that either. And he talks
in little chrriups and mews.

Vibes all for both of them, and if you want to check out the blog and comment, please do. Pictures of Harley are going to be uploaded soon.

Charlie/Snorkel I need to do a photo session on, LOL....
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lots of vibes for Harley's adoption!!!!
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Harley's pics are on the blog:


He is so sweet! I got a nibble from someone who saw
him on the SiamList - I hope she is not some flakey person,
but is seriously interested in my boy.

Please vibes? She hasn't emailed me back - I told her
there was a small adoption fee, and a contract (modified
from Humane Society's) that he can't be declawed, must
be indoor only and also that he comes back to me,
if she can't or isn't able to care for him anymore...

Everyone VIBES. This little ole boy so much deserves a loving home!

Today he wandered up the house, with Snorkel - Snorkel was looking
to a) find my fluffy munchin girl and attack her (he hates her) or b) escape outside... Harley was just tagging along and exploring...

Harley could get on with my cats, but I doubt that Snorkel EVER
will. Snorkel thinks this is his house, and he wants to drive them
OUT and AWAY. Poor Snorkie chose to come to a house that was
already owned. Sigh.
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Thank you for the update; I've been wondering how Harley was doing!

A lot of people might be scared off when they realize Harley is a "special needs" kitty, but those special needs could also help you weed out adopters who aren't serious, committed people.

Best of luck, and thanks for the pictures - he looks like a dear sweet boy.
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