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crime in the neighborhood

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So I wanted to get some advice on a bit of a problem I've been having with some petty criminals regularly coming into my property... It used to not be so bad with only cans of beer left behind and empty Maltesers and M&Ms bags. But lately the little thugs have stepped things up a notch.

The weekend before this they came by after midnight on the Friday night and ripped a side gate off the side of the house. They could have just unlocked the thing and passed right through mind you, but, rather they ripped the entire gate frame out and left the door lodged open enough so people can easily walk through (they might've taken the door with if it weren't so heavy).

They don't try to break into my place or anything so far as I can tell (the side gate is right next to a door in). And, even though my bedroom window looks directly at the gate I always have the drapes closed and have never heard a thing (I sleep very soundly...).

Anyhow, I lodged the door back into place since then. However, last night they were back and dislodged it again, ripping it even more out of the wall.. I've told my landlord both times and he says he's going to come by and bolt it on real good but I'm afraid the little hoodlums may just see this as an entertaining challenge.

We've not called the police because I've been advised by the locals that there isn't much they can/will do without any evidence.. and my landlord doesn't want to put up the money to buy a camera.

So now I need to decide what to do as I think there's a reasonable likelihood that the little pranksters will be back again for thirds next weekend. I'm thinking to sleep closer to the window and have a camera ready. I'll also have a few friends over and maybe we can go out and scare them to bits. Maybe set up some traps or hose them down...?

I was wondering if anyone here has ever dealt with anything like this and/or has some idea of how to get the little tramps to bugger off forever without doing anything illegal. Any tips?
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No tips really but I would call the police and file a complaint. That way if something happens it will be on record that there has been a problem previously.
How horrible!! that they just go away!
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I don't really have any advice for you, but if the police won't do anything without evidence, I think your idea is great. I wouldn't even try to chase them away, just stay up and catch them on tape, then report it to the police after. Have you noticed a pattern in the days/times that they come? That way, u get them on camera, then after reporting it, maybe the next time they come u can get the cops to come to your place to catch the pranksters themselves.
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File a complaint formally. Have lots of friends over, so you aren't alone. Keep certain lights on. Getting them on camera would be nice. Get flood lights that sense motion. Put up a fake sign (like a dog sign or security company sign). Does your car have an alarm, you can always set that off with your remote during the night too, making loud noise?
Do not attempt to harass them back. You don't know "who" they are...
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Hey thanks everyone for your comments / suggestions. I'm going to file a complaint with the cops. It won't do any harm anyways, and then at least if they happen to be looking for some punks who have committed similar crimes then they can know where they might find them this weekend.

I also like the suggestion to get motion-detecting floodlights. I'll try to get some before the weekend. This will also help wake me up and shed light on the subjects so I can take fantastic crime pics!

I'll not try to play games with them then. I guess it would only encourage them in the end. But still I really would like to see them tarred and feathered.

I don't have a car. But, my neighbors had theirs broken into 2 months ago. Perhaps by the same lot..

I'll also see what kinds of signs I can find. I guess "Beware of Cats" would probably not sound too threatening though.

I was thinking to download scary noises to play from the window, like a dog growling and barking, or the sound of a gun being loaded. But I think that the latter might be illegal in the UK? even though there is no actual gun...

The thugs always come in the middle of the night on the weekend. So perhaps they are kids.. They came off and on before but since they have been here two weekends in a row I am expecting them...

At work I heard similar stories from colleagues of mine. Apparently this kind of non-violent petty thug crime is not uncommon around here... No one does anything about it either..
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Be careful. Since summer vacation is here, they might be coming around more often (I know our neighborhood gets "busier" around the 1st of June.

Don't confront them on your own. If you hear something, call the cops right then. It might be worth trying to stay up one Friday or Saturday night, with the lights out, and listen for them. If they are in-the-act when the cops arrive, then the cops will have to do something.
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