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Sun. June 7: yup I'm stalking, whatcha doin today?

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huh huh huh?

What's the plan for today?

ETA: Good morning
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Morning All!!

Woke up to severe thunderstorms about 6 A.M. and is not suppose to get much better as the day progresses.

Looks like a day of just puttering around the house. I think I am going to tackle my utility room as I have several boxes in there that I haven't unpacked since I moved 3 years ago. Who knows I might find a treasure I forgot I had.

May do some baking as well later, I have a couple of bridal showers coming up in the next few weeks so I thinking maybe some cookies and squares for the freezer would help me get a jump any food I may have to bring to them.

The kitties are annoyed with the weather and have all went back to bed...

Everyone have a great day
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Have to run up to work real quick to take care of the kitties. Then it's home for more cleaning/laundry. Me and the BF are going out of town next weekend and his cousin is coming to kitty sit, so I'd like the house to be extra clean. And I know I won't have time during this week, so today it is!!! Also I think a trip to PetSmart is in order for wet food for the boys and alas, another litter box.

Everybody have a great day!
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I am at work right now....will then be meeting a friend to go look at a hummingbird nest! Then I get to come home and clean, wash Keira, get her ready, and try to get all my stuff together for the show next weekend. If I weren't so tired it wouldn't be so bad.
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I'm on my 6th load of laundry already and plan to clean the upholstery and the carpets today. The laundry is the washable curtains and every last pillow and rug that isn't bolted down. 6 down and about 6 more to go.

Beautiful weather here today. We left the house wide open last night cause it only got down to the mid 60's. I love fresh air, even though my allergies don't like the spring pollen.

I'll be on when I need that 10 minute cleaning break.
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Not sure what I plan to do today. I've got a nasty cold but am feeling a bit better today, though not good enough to want to do anything but drink tea and feel sorry for myself.
I might clip kitty claws and the litter boxes need refilling. Dog ears need cleaned and a good vacuuming would be great for the house. I'd really like to do something with some of the rhubarb growing too. And I have a biology midterm tuesday that I havent been able to study for. Argh! I probably wont get anything done but some studying. Sigh..
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This is "Tuesday" for me, so I'll go to work, take care of my sweet old lady 94 and still going strong. Then I'll come home, do some laundry for another client or two while petting kitties and watching True Blood.
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Nothing much. It's another cool and cloudy day out. I plan on doing a load or 2 of laundry later. And I plan on spending a good part of the day nestled in my warm bed, reading and napping! Of course Abby will be right there beside me as always
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Well I was hoping to get outside and go biking for a bit but it's been raining steadily since last night and it looks like it going to be cold and gray for most of the week so I guess that will be put on hold for now. But me and my band are going to get together and hopefully finish recording our first album. We're not with a record label or anything like that but just using a home studio recording system we've recorded 7 of the 8 tracks. We're going to finish it either today or Tuesday and then send it out to some radio stations and record labels.

Other than that, just sitting at home doing nothing other than play with the cats.
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It another very cool and rainy day here. Got up to the very low 50's. So I started an indoor garage project of sanding two of the five metal vintage lawn chairs and I have the first two primed. I'm going with a grey for the seats and backs with black for the tubular arms and legs. This will take about 3-4 days as it needs 24 hr cure time between coats.

Read a book, made some asparagus soup and billed three customers via handwritten invoices. Two more to bill but a couple items left to finish at each place before I do so.

Not a very exciting day.
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I got burnt at the pool! Even though I applied sunscreen, it wasn't enough.
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Originally Posted by cococat View Post
I got burnt at the pool! Even though I applied sunscreen, it wasn't enough.
I know what you mean

The sun these days can be pretty brutal.... I've taken to not being out in direct sun when its the strongest.

I only burn usually once, then tan...but I've found as I got older I'm a little more concious of the damage the sun can do... plus, I have alot more tattoos now and always sunscreen them.
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Got all our cleaning done yesterday (except for the front window/dash where there are heaps of cat beds covered in hair that desperately need vacuuming - but decided not to deal with that yet ), so I didn't have to get up early to finish before Gary's friend came up from near Philly. Did get the lawn mowed!

Marty showed up around 11:00. It was GORGEOUS here in the shade today (80, so hot in the sun). We sat out on the deck and chatted. Gary bar-b-qued pork chops (which were fabulous) and we had jikima salad and honeydew melon with it. Came in later and watched The Illusionist together.

Gary ended up having a really bad pain day though, so that was a bummer.

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