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Losing Kitten Teeth

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Jason is 6 months old now. I recently noticed that on one side of his mouth it looks like a normal cat with one canine on the top. On the other side he has the normal canine, but right behind it he still has his kitten tooth. I was thinking that at 6 months of age it would be gone by now. The other one is, and from the looks of it there don't seem to be any other kitten teeth left.

At what age are the kitten teeth usually gone by? Is it abnormal for him to still have one left (and only on one side)? Is it any reason to be concerned?
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It will come out soon.
Some cats are slow.
The other tooth should push it out.
I have seen it happen a lot of times.
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They lose them around 5-6months. So that other one will be breaking free real soon!
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Thanks, glad to hear that it isn't abnormal for him to still have it in there
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Is the adult canine fully in? I'm not sure the deciduous canine will come out on it's own. If the adult tooth is already in then it did not push the baby canine out. I had this happen with a puppy and did have to have baby canines pulled. You might want to run it by your vet right quick and see what he/she thinks.
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They were gonna pull Peanut's kitten teeth at the same time as her spay if she was still having trouble. She had several adult teeth come in without pushing her kitten teeth out. But one day, a couple weeks later, I stepped on something sharp near her food bowl ... and it was one of her kitten teeth! When I checked her mouth, I didn't see any kitten teeth left, called the vet, let him know he wouldn't need to pull her teeth, they came out on their own She had the most trouble with her molars for some reason. I think her mouth finally cleared of all of her kitten teeth by 6-7 months. I've heard of it taking as long as 8-9 months. If it's still there for another week or so I would put in a call to the vet and see what they advise.
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