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Withdrawn + head shaking = ???

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Hi, I have a 10 month old shorthair that has been acting withdrawn lately, and has been shaking her head quite a bit. She is normally very active and seeks attention quite a bit, but lately that has decreased. She doesn't respond much to her favorite toys, and while she is still most active during the morning (when I wake up), her activity level has decreased. Her appetite and "business" havn't seemed to be effected by whatever her issue is, but I'm still concerned because she doesn't seek attention much anymore, and alot of the times when I come to pet her while she is on the couch asleep, she will jump off and lay on the floor in a rather close proximity to where she was.

She still jumps and runs around when playful, no vomiting or anything like that, but she sure isn't herself lately. Her body language indicates she's happy I suppose, her tail is usually upright when walking, sometimes wagging side to side rather slowly, but IDK, no indication of being sick... the head shaking occurs less than frequently, but it occurs enough to grab my attention like that might be the issue. Any ideas?
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Your observations of your kitty are telling you that something is different in her life. It could be something as simple as ear mites but rather than guessing, I would have my vet have a look at her to rule out illness.
The soon the better.
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I also highly suggest a vet visit. It could be an ear infection - if left untreated, I've seen ear infections make the kitty deaf, affect balance, and worse. Please seek veterinary assistance ASAP.
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Yeah, that was going to be my course of action. I'm a little cash strapped right now so I was hoping somebody had an alternative suggestion, but she's more important to me than a few extra bux for a rainy day. Thing is I don't see any indication of anything in her ears, no foul smell, no puss etc. She's a 100% indoor cat, idk if that makes a difference...
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It seems like unplanned vet visits always happen during financially challenging times
Even though your girl is an indoor kitty, she does need to be seen.
Thank you for making her a priority.

Please let us know what you find out.
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Occasionally ear infections can be present deep in the inner ear without any excess build-up, smell, or any other indication.
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She's starting to act a little crazy as normal, but I'm still going to get her checked out when I can. Although she is showing signs of returning to her normal self, she still shakes her head, especially when moving.
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Definitely take her to your vet as soon as possible. It could be a serious ear infection or a neurological disorder, whatever it is you may be able to stop it from becoming permanent or worse with medical treatment.....
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The head shake is a primary indication of ear mites or an ear infection. It can really make them miserable.
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Well I had her ears looked at, she has a small scratch on her eardrum - not sure how it got there because the vet didn't see any foreign objects or signs of life in there. She is otherwise healthy so I'm going to play the waiting game to see if her head shaking stop, if not I'll take her back and possibly get some antibiotics.
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Thanks for the update...
I am glad that your girl appears to be OK.

Sending vibes that this episode will pass with no complications.
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Glad you brought her in!
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